Friday, June 01, 2012

Signs and Directions

Since I wrote last, we've been north, south, east, and west, either by air, by rail or moving sidewalk (ok, just in airports but that counts too), but mostly by car, guided impeccably--at least most of the time--by GPS.

The pace has been hurried and time has been limited, which means there has been little time to write. So allow me barrage you with some of my favorite (albe-they rather odd) photos take over the past month.

A sign on a restaurant door en route from Colorado to Kansas.
It was very windy that day. Apparently it's often very windy there.
A sign in a parking lot in small town Alberta.
Apparently I'm not the only one who backs into things occasionally.

I discovered Banff in Phoenix, Arizona. 
No mountains, little water, lots of heat.

While on a walk in Atwood, Kansas, we came across this little fella.
There was no sign saying "Do Not Touch The Snakes"
and my husband, as usual, couldn't resist the urge to pick him up.

There was also no sign saying "Do Not Break Into Vault" at our friends' bank either.
Not that we could have, even if my mom, sister and I had actually been trying.

Interesting mailbox at a home in Phoenix, Arizona. 

All the yards have a desert theme (since Arizona is mostly desert), 
so I thought this fishing-from-a-(dry)-riverbed theme was very creative.

The print here says Bear Spray (or something to that effect).
It also probably says "Make sure you are upwind before spraying."
But who reads directions?

The bear spray was for our forest walk in Fort McMurray
with Pastor Glen and Lois Forsburg (foreground),
Janette Stone, Amanda Lagore, Dwight Lagore (left to right in background)

Beautiful trees.
And no sign of bears.

Heading back to Edmonton on the notorious highway 63.
Traffic is busy, and heavy, and the highway isn't much wider than our main highways in Mozambique (which are equally dangerous).

Then it was back to Edmonton to prepare for SAM Ministries' 10th annual banquet (held mid-May).
On display on the tables were crafts made by women in Mozambique plus child sponsorship cards.

Busy with preparations in the SAM office.
Patti Green, Ruth Trekofski (my mom), and Amanda (our daughter)

It was a great evening with just under 120 people in attendance.

Then it was west, and south, into the U.S.

Sumas Border Post

As we neared the B.C./Washington border post last weekend I gathered our passports and car documents in hand ready to hop out and go line up as we do in Africa. But then I remembered, that's not how it's done here. Here, we have drive-through border posts. Oh, if only.

Ruth and Royden took us to visit a Japanese Garden while we were in Seattle. It was very pretty, and we got to feed the Koi in the pond. Here, a duck jostles for position amid unashamed gluttons.

And last but not least, a photo of Dwight and my parents as we prepare to hit the road for B.C. for our last stint before we head back to Moz.

Despite the fact that I was born in B.C., my parents are B.C. residents, and we've made the trip countless times, they consult the GPS for directions. *smiles* Yes, we do know the way, really. But checking directions is probably good too. At least most of the time.

Until next time, most probably from Africa.

PS: Lots has been happening so be sure to check the website for the latest news updates too.