Thursday, March 29, 2007

We've Moved

Just a photo for your entertainment! I called this one "Pensive Mushu". It was taken a few weeks ago at our new place. I really will get around to posting recent photos of the place, etc., as soon as I can find my camera... Yes, we're moved but the place is absolute chaos. Much of our "stuff" is being stored temporarily in the office and the rest of it sits in our yard while we feverishly try to put finishing touches on the house we've moved into. Important finishing touches though, like mosquito screen and lights! We've had a few dinners by candlelight. I know that's supposed to be romantic, but honestly, at this age I need several planted right beside my plate so I can see my food!

On our first night we figured if we sprayed a healthy dose of repellent on, we'd be fine just like at the old place. Ha! Right. At 2 a.m. I woke because I was being bitten only to discover 8 mosquitoes on the wall. And that's just where I could shine my little DOTiT. By the next night we put up a mosquito net, but it had a few holes. It was the only one I could locate in the chaos of moving. It was better than nothing, but only just. We woke one morning to find 6 mosquitoes inside the net. Needless to say, we've stepped up our malaria prophylaxis! Yesterday after a mad search in the old shipping container that we use to store more of our stuff longer-term, voila...I found a mosquito net without any holes! I think we were fairly "mozzie-free" last night. Because this place is closer to the river, I guess it's just natural that there should be many more mosquitoes. So this is yet another learning curve for us, keeping mosquitoes at bay who REALLY WANT TO BITE!

Besides the many mosquitoes and bugs and "finishing touches" still needed, we really do like our new digs! You will to when you see the pictures. I will post them. Promise!

Other news, a team from South Africa was just here for a few days to work and visit, and tomorrow we welcome Ron and Barb from Mercy Air with some of their friends. Yes, this place is hoppin' and something is always happening! But for now I better run get lunch on then get ready to go to town...let's hope I can find my "town clothes"!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2 Busy 2 Blog

We've been so busy packing, painting, moving cupboards and roofing the veranda at the new place that I haven't been very faithful with blogging. We're hoping to have our "first sleep" in the new place by the end of this week. Now that the finishing touches are being added, the place is looking great! Photos to follow...soon! Once again we're thankful for all the help we've had from many hands. I really appreciate not having to move back into a tent guys! TTYL

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rainy Days and Last Days

“Come under here!” Last week as the rain came down, students scrambled for cover at Mucombeze Primary School. This cotton capulana was a fun umbrella initially for these girls, but they were soon forced to take more serious cover in the school kitchen. We and the teachers were too! Being cramped but sheltered made for a few fun moments.

Construction on the school’s classroom divisions has progressed well and hopefully the roof trusses will go up next week. Classes currently meet under the trees which make for great ventilation on hot days but afford little protection on rainy ones!

“One potato, two potato…hmm, 21 potatoes divided by 3 days equals 7 potatoes per day! Yep, that otta do.” I had to get a shot of Chris and Dwight counting potatoes to ensure that there would be enough to see us through Chris and Gary’s last week in Mozambique. A trip to the grocery store is a long one, so we stretch food as much as we can when we have to. Thankfully the potatoes didn’t have to be stretched too thin! This week we see Chris and Gary off, then we return to Mozambique to move homes. Indeed, these are last days with family and the last days in our old home.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Going Places

I named this picture “Women of Paindane” although I don’t think the town name is entirely accurate. I was impressed by the contrast in methods of transportation.

Last month Ernesto, the mission’s Health Worker, was given a bicycle by the Health Department to help him commute between our two health posts which are about 20 km’s apart. We’re not sure how long he'll have use of it, but in the short term he’s certainly enjoyed it!

Here we are having transportation problems on our trip through Mozambique with Chris and Gary. Two flat tires on the same day isn’t very fun but at least they happened within easy access to the local tire repairman! Chris decided to play catch-up with her journaling while we waited.

This week, Joanne and David braved recent post-cyclone weather through southern/central Mozambique and came to spend 2 days with us. Joanne is on staff with the nursing faculty at the University of Saskatchewan so was interested in visiting the local health posts and the district hospital. David apparently is a handyman of note although in the short two days they were here he didn’t have much chance for hands on anything! Maybe they’ll come back…

Here are the latest pictures of the guest cottage. Professionals at work tiling (skilled help is GREAT). Wonder if we can talk them into staying a little longer?

First meal in the cottage. The chairs were a little short and the table a little tall I’ll admit, but hey, a first is a first and that makes it a noteworthy event!

The much in the news Cyclone Favio left a lot of destruction in its wake last week. Although we were pelted by rain we were not flooded due to our higher elevation. Areas further north, south and east, however, experienced serious flooding and there are endless reports of many left homeless. Requests to rebuild homes and supply food are already pouring in so I expect our relief efforts will increase accordingly!