Saturday, March 03, 2007

Going Places

I named this picture “Women of Paindane” although I don’t think the town name is entirely accurate. I was impressed by the contrast in methods of transportation.

Last month Ernesto, the mission’s Health Worker, was given a bicycle by the Health Department to help him commute between our two health posts which are about 20 km’s apart. We’re not sure how long he'll have use of it, but in the short term he’s certainly enjoyed it!

Here we are having transportation problems on our trip through Mozambique with Chris and Gary. Two flat tires on the same day isn’t very fun but at least they happened within easy access to the local tire repairman! Chris decided to play catch-up with her journaling while we waited.

This week, Joanne and David braved recent post-cyclone weather through southern/central Mozambique and came to spend 2 days with us. Joanne is on staff with the nursing faculty at the University of Saskatchewan so was interested in visiting the local health posts and the district hospital. David apparently is a handyman of note although in the short two days they were here he didn’t have much chance for hands on anything! Maybe they’ll come back…

Here are the latest pictures of the guest cottage. Professionals at work tiling (skilled help is GREAT). Wonder if we can talk them into staying a little longer?

First meal in the cottage. The chairs were a little short and the table a little tall I’ll admit, but hey, a first is a first and that makes it a noteworthy event!

The much in the news Cyclone Favio left a lot of destruction in its wake last week. Although we were pelted by rain we were not flooded due to our higher elevation. Areas further north, south and east, however, experienced serious flooding and there are endless reports of many left homeless. Requests to rebuild homes and supply food are already pouring in so I expect our relief efforts will increase accordingly!


Anonymous said...

Lynn, its good to see you all survived. The guest house looks great! We are praying for you! btw. we had a nice storm ourselves.. just over a foot of snow in two days... ahh yes...makes ya miss the prairies doesnt it? LOL.
Love rick and heather

Russell said...

Here's an idea, you send me your weather, and I'll send you ours. Cool pictures mom, the first one has really good color! And yes, it is spelled "Paindane". Haha, the Ernesto picture is cool, really does look like a Mozambique summer! Looks like you guys got some rain for a change! Siiighh.

Keep taking pictures!