Thursday, February 22, 2007

From Our Computer to Yours...

Although this picture is at least a month old (I'll download fresh ones asap), the scene hasn't changed all that much! The glass panes on the table are now securely puttied in place so the tin roof sheets are no longer needed for added protection against the elements. Otherwise, this is the room I currently sit in and where we spend countless hours sending emails. Today's big news flash is that there is a "powerful cyclone" headed our way. Yipee. Nat, maybe you'll want to secure your tent with a few more pegs!

We spent that last 2 weeks on a trip to South Africa on business and to pick up my cousin Chris and her husband Gary. It was an eventful trip as they often are here with several police stops, a flat tire and a flat spare, and so on. But so far Chris and Gary have stayed the course! We stopped on our long drive through Mozambique to spend 3 nights at Paindane Beach. It poured rain the first day but thankfully the sun peeped through on the 2nd day. After we left Paindane we stopped briefly in Massinga to meet David and Joanne (who was on a trip with the USask nursing students at the time).

In the few days we've been home we've been a busy bunch! Chris and Gary are up to their elbows in tile adhesive and we sincerely hope to move into the guest cottage in the next few weeks. Time will tell...I'll keep you updated either way!

I better run for this time, the wind has picked up considerably. I think the weather report may just be accurate this time. Yes, please do pray for us :).


Eric & Pat said...

Hey sis, I plan on e-mailing you soon now that mom is gone (my source of news about you) for 5 weeks. I can't wait to come visit you too I'm busily saving my pennies. Saw my neurosurgeon today about the resluts from my MRI news wasn't good. Unfortunately it's more surgery for me, will update you via e-mail. Say hi to Chris & Gary from me.

Luv you

Russell said...

Glad Paindane was nice and cleared up for you guys. Don't get blown away on us now :P.

Nat Zook said...

Shoot the dog!
why did you not worn me sooner!
I almost lost my home! hahahah
Tent is secure and survived the storm with only a few small leaks. woooooooooooooooooosh that was close!

Crystal said...

My heart is in Mozambique and I'm so happy that you are there, serving the people of that country. They are an amazing people....