Monday, February 05, 2007

In February

… the clouds hang low and rain often and the grass in the fields grows tall and thick.

Mothers walking home along a path through the fields. If you follow this path you will come across the mission’s school “Mucombeze Primary School”.

In February, summer holidays end for school kids in Mozambique. Before school can re-open, the over-grown grass needs to be cut back and the school yard needs to be cleared. Pitch in everyone! Cute kids J

February 3rd was orientation day. Many girls came sporting freshly braided hair and some boys wore smart new outfits. Apparently there was much news to catch up on after the long summer break!

Fernando, the cook, getting back into the swing of things. 150 kids to cook for. Wow!

February also marks the month we’ve targeted to move to our new home. There is no better time to have to move plants, plants and more plants!

This is also trip time for us again. We will be on business for a good 2 weeks in South Africa. Leadership training materials need to be picked up, the vehicle needs repairs, legal paperwork needs to be processed, building materials need to be sourced and the list goes on. Who knows, maybe there’s a little bit of fun to be sandwiched in there too. Maybe even another blog entry. Until then, enjoy February. Be it bitterly cold or muggy and hot, it is our shortest month!


Russell said...

Loved the pictures mom, especially of the fields (as I am sure you could have guessed). You certainly have gotten good, or have a knack for picture taking.
I found this really cool software package online (for free) that allows you to see where different constellations and planets will be at any time of the year in almost any place on earth. When I have time I will give you the link. Pretty cool stuff!
Tonight I should get a chance to reply to your email, just school has been busy (but what has ever been different). Next week is midterms and will be extremely busy (like very very (5 midterms in 3 days)). Anyway, I better go, keep up the picture taking.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, THANK YOU so much for including so many pictures of children, people and places on your blog! Helps me picture what im headed into! LOL. Hope all is well out there- we are praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Your blogs with the pictures almost make us feel like we're there. They certainly stir my spirit to not give up my desire to come visit you. God bless all the work of your hands and your heart.
gotta run,