Saturday, October 28, 2006


We've been back in Edmonton for a few days now and the count-down to our departure to Africa is on. This is going to be a hectic week! Our kids are stuck into their university studies and seem ready to see us go. We've talked about this for years and I'm sure that's helped prepare us all for this time in our lives. And although I don't want to say goodbye to them, I do look forward to getting back to the needs in Mozambique that seem to beckon my return. The other day while speaking to a group of nursing students, I likened my abilities and willingness to an elastic band; one which God uses to it's fullest potential by stretching it to unimaginable lengths! I've felt stretched alot in my life and I know as I return to nurse in the bush again, I'll be stretched anew.

It seemed uncanny not that it should snow in Edmonton in November, but that it should snow just before we leave for much hotter and balmier climates. It's like old man winter didn't want to miss his chance to bid us farewell. So while the rest of Edmonton grumbled about the beginning of mucky weather and slippery roads, I was outside gleefully snapping shots of beautiful white on fading summer colours. I guess that's what Fall is about...winter taking over where summer left off.
This was taken with a new 'tool' whose purpose will one day soon take on a less recreational role. But for now, it's been pretty fun learning--a few frustrating moments, I'll admit, but fun nonetheless. My next post will likely only be in about 2 weeks time from South Africa. So until next time, enjoy the snow for me!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Just a quick update here...during the conference last week a group of us decided to go to the town of Kimberley B.C. for supper one night. Our friends told us of an entire pedestrian-only street that has a Bavarian theme and that has a great German restaurant. The food was superb and the waitresses at the "Gasthaus" (?sp) genuinely German though thankfully they spoke English! Here we are posing with Klaus (my name for him). In the bubble he says, "Wilkommen! Take me home with you..." We decided not to and took this picture home instead. Sorry Klaus!
And if I can pull off the feat of adding two photos, the next one is simply one I found on dad's camera. I couldn't resist posting this for my kids :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I take it back. There is a picture after all! (Don't keel over now Russell...I'm doing this on my own.) This is proof that this spot is very user-friendly. And although this picture looks like it's from our current trip, it's not. But I took one yesterday that looks alot like it :). Just haven't downloaded it from the camera yet. When I get around to downloading it you I'll post it. One major difference is that yesterday's picture has a map that covers most of the dash. Yes, I'm the Navigator. And no, we didn't get lost. Not even once. (On this trip.) Maybe one day I'll write the story of when we did get a bit lost. But it was really the map's fault. TTYL.
This will be the first time I do a posting to my myself! Without the help of my family. Yay! Let's hope it works :). We're in Cranbrook right now attending the FCA annual Fall conference. Mom and Dad arrive today so that'll definitely be a highlight for me. It's hard to believe that the date for our departure is already so close. Part of me is very ready to return to Moz, but the other part still rather wants to mother our kids! From what I hear and see from other moms, that part never changes. But it does help to remember how anxious I was to be independent when I was 18. And if our kids are that anxious to be on their own, that helps me feel freer to go.

Sorry, no photos this time yet. I'm still learning the camera (this could take awhile). Thankfully there is an automatic setting for those of us who are technologically challenged. So there WILL be pictures eventually. Yes, please pray for me as I figure these things out. I've depended on my kids & husband for a long time now for all my computer and photo editing needs!

Until next time.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

First Blog

This is Lynn's first blog! This is actually her son Russell writing this. I set up this blogspot account for my mother since she is semi-computer illiterate. Anyway, enjoy all her WONDERFUL stories. If you never see another blog appear here, you will know she doesn't know how to post the entry.



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