Saturday, October 28, 2006


We've been back in Edmonton for a few days now and the count-down to our departure to Africa is on. This is going to be a hectic week! Our kids are stuck into their university studies and seem ready to see us go. We've talked about this for years and I'm sure that's helped prepare us all for this time in our lives. And although I don't want to say goodbye to them, I do look forward to getting back to the needs in Mozambique that seem to beckon my return. The other day while speaking to a group of nursing students, I likened my abilities and willingness to an elastic band; one which God uses to it's fullest potential by stretching it to unimaginable lengths! I've felt stretched alot in my life and I know as I return to nurse in the bush again, I'll be stretched anew.

It seemed uncanny not that it should snow in Edmonton in November, but that it should snow just before we leave for much hotter and balmier climates. It's like old man winter didn't want to miss his chance to bid us farewell. So while the rest of Edmonton grumbled about the beginning of mucky weather and slippery roads, I was outside gleefully snapping shots of beautiful white on fading summer colours. I guess that's what Fall is about...winter taking over where summer left off.
This was taken with a new 'tool' whose purpose will one day soon take on a less recreational role. But for now, it's been pretty fun learning--a few frustrating moments, I'll admit, but fun nonetheless. My next post will likely only be in about 2 weeks time from South Africa. So until next time, enjoy the snow for me!


Eric & Pat said...

Lynn that is definitely a 'Roydenesque' picture!! Who says you don't have an artistic bent.

your sister

Royden and Ruth said...

Ha! I thought the exact same thing as mom...that looks rather 'Leppish'. Detail shots rule.
your favorite niece;)