Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rainy Days and Last Days

“Come under here!” Last week as the rain came down, students scrambled for cover at Mucombeze Primary School. This cotton capulana was a fun umbrella initially for these girls, but they were soon forced to take more serious cover in the school kitchen. We and the teachers were too! Being cramped but sheltered made for a few fun moments.

Construction on the school’s classroom divisions has progressed well and hopefully the roof trusses will go up next week. Classes currently meet under the trees which make for great ventilation on hot days but afford little protection on rainy ones!

“One potato, two potato…hmm, 21 potatoes divided by 3 days equals 7 potatoes per day! Yep, that otta do.” I had to get a shot of Chris and Dwight counting potatoes to ensure that there would be enough to see us through Chris and Gary’s last week in Mozambique. A trip to the grocery store is a long one, so we stretch food as much as we can when we have to. Thankfully the potatoes didn’t have to be stretched too thin! This week we see Chris and Gary off, then we return to Mozambique to move homes. Indeed, these are last days with family and the last days in our old home.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dwight and Lynn- looks like things are progresing well on the school! We recieved your email today- it was refreshing and encouraging for us to know we are all on pretty much the same page! (and good to know you want us there too!! lol) We are praying for you, Hope all is well.
God Bless,
Heather and Rick

Anonymous said...

Hey guys- me again- sooo today i was very excited... on "the amazing race" they went to Mozambique! i was pretty excited. They stayed right around maputo, but i was pretty excited anyways! Yep- i travel vicariously thru reality tv! lol! Later!
Heather and Rick

Anonymous said...

Hello! Since you two are the "Front Page" feature of the Lake City Church "Missions Update" bulletin insert for May, how about posting a close-up pix of the two of you so I can use it for the publication!?!?!?
Lynn, I'm really enjoying your writing -- candlelight dinners -- a thing of the past for my hubby and I, too!
True candlelight story: My Dad, having returned to the cozy table for two after visiting the restroom, only discovered he was sitting with a woman that was not his wife of 50 years when ONE dinner arrived at the table and the "other" woman asked him if he wanted to share. Oops, wrong table! Ha ha ha!
Bless you both! Laugh today...mav :>
Mary Ann Vig
LCC Missions Committee