Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2 Busy 2 Blog

We've been so busy packing, painting, moving cupboards and roofing the veranda at the new place that I haven't been very faithful with blogging. We're hoping to have our "first sleep" in the new place by the end of this week. Now that the finishing touches are being added, the place is looking great! Photos to follow...soon! Once again we're thankful for all the help we've had from many hands. I really appreciate not having to move back into a tent guys! TTYL


Sharon and Bob said...

Hi Lynn, It is fun to see the pictures of what is going on and getting updates through the blog. Trust all is well and you got the e-mail we sent. Hopefully your busyness will calm down when you get into the guest cottage. Give our love to Frascois and Alta. Keep up the good fight. Your team is doing a wonderful work in Mozambique. Hope to be there sometime in the future, maybe within the next 18 months. Does that sound too soon?

Russell said...

Yey, you are finally getting moved in! Tell dad he better sleep under a mosquito net, I don't care how annoying it is! Oh wait, now I am sounding like a paranoid city kid. Nah, mozzy nets are for wimps :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

Great blog. Enjoyed reading it. New house loks super. Loved the photo of Earnest in the clinic. Good luck with gang of nurses. Woish I could join you

Love Barbara (in England)