Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mozambique...we love the way you look!

These first few are for you Heather:

Orphan boys who receive monthly food and support from the mission. Aren't they cute? Laughing at a joke during a school meeting. These are some of our school kids moms.

The first phase of the "Raising the Roof" project at our school...taking the old roof down! Part of the plan includes finally partitioning off the wide open spaces into individual classrooms. Please pray for safety for our guys as they tackle this job.

And last but not least (well, the importance of the subject is I guess), this is for my kids. Ah, the memories eh?

I'm cutting the story telling short this time because it's late and I really have to go cook supper for us and the guys. We've had a great week with 1 meeting with the provincial health department and a productive school meeting. The health department would like to see us expand the current (newest) clinic to become a "Heath Centre" which would encompass more of the activities we would also like to see happening in this area like visits from opthalmologists, etc. It would also be staffed by 1 or 2 fully trained Mozambican nurses. So we're praying about the details to move in that direction. Part of the school meeting discussion was about the possibility of sending 10 boys off to "higher" education (grade 6) at a school just down the highway. Some solutions are needed like a place to stay since it's far from their homes, and whether or not there is room for them in the class for this year. It's an exciting possibility for these boys. I'll try to post their picture in my next blog. For now, I have to skidaddle. TTYL


Amanda said...

Sounds good! Hope you're enjoying that CD player! =p

Anonymous said...

hey lynn, THANKS!!! ( i started crying) sigh. sorry that skype call didnt work today! Love and Prayers, Rick and Heather

Russell said...

Hello Mom and Dad!

Good pictures. Mom, if you can upload them as "big" pictures then I can download them to my computer and use them on the website or on SAM Ministries updates. It shouldn't take any longer to upload the file. At least try it and see how it goes.
I better go.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn
I just read your blog for the first time. You inspire me to pray for you more consistently! I just got back from a week w/Janelle in Texas. She's fine. Lonely too. And dealing with amazingly ignorant people in the Ph.D. program! "Thinking they were wise they became fools...." you know? So pray that God will protect her mind and heart there too. It's cold and snowy here today. How about you?
Ruth and Stan