Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Moments of "The Move"

Chaos in the front yard of our new home...and
chaos in the back yard too! As soon as the floor was done, that chaos all moved onto the back veranda. Lovely. Yes, that's Fred and the ol' washing machine.
No self-respecting Schalm offspring would let her home be photographed in such disarray, and then there's me. Actually, I almost didn't post these inside shots but it could be awhile before my house is in order, and I promised these to several people...
If you look closely, you can see the ceiling was lacking (wall edge above window). Hence the mosquito story (previous post). Ceiling construction is currently underway, which means the chaos goes on! Doing the ceiling before we moved in would have been nice, but time and supplies weren't on our side just then. Oh well. Just a bit of adventure :).

Other than moving, settling and finishing the place, life goes on. The needy and infirm come for help every day, legal paperwork must be pursued, social visits must be made to maintain good ties in communities and so on. Yes, life is busy, but we sure like it here! Looks like someone else likes it here too.

Ebony "The (Small) Panther".



Amanda said...

uuhhh that lamp hanging above the stove looks a little scary... good idea though. i'm sure no flame will leap that high :)

Anonymous said...

Disarray?? Your house looks like my house on a good day! :) Glad to see you are slowly but surely settling in! It is allways nice to see pics of what our house might look like one day! woohoo. God Bless, Heather and Rick

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I could have stayed to help with the move, etc. It looks great to me. Enjoy life and God bless

Eric & Pat said...

Isn't moving just too much fun :)Oh & by the way Muchu is looking an awful lot like our Boopie(chubby)Looks like Ebony knows how to chill out too!!
Luv you,
your sis

Russell said...

New place looks better than our house, even though the house is sentimental.

Royden and Ruth said...

Looks awesome guys...nice job! I hope you guys like living in your new little housie. Love ya and miss ya bunches. Oh ya...Royden let the mantis out in the house last weekend and it flew for the first time. Then he locked it in his office out of the cage so it could "get some exercise".