Friday, August 03, 2007

Who's Comin' and Who's Goin'

...judging from these tracks, I’d have to say a bird, a dog, a barefooted person, someone in runners (me), and a bicycle or two.

And what could have possibly made this track?? Hm. A ski? A large garden hose? No and no. That, would be a snake track. Likely some kind of adder (pit viper) judging from the caterpillar-type straight line. Most other snakes (that make that serpentine motion) leave a squiggly line. My guess is this was a big, fat Puff Adder. This wasn’t very far from Francois and Alta’s house, so keep your eyes peeled guys.

Others who came and went last week were a group of monitors (from churches both near and far) for the July Intensive Seminar. Dwight, Francois and Joao did the bulk of the teaching.
I participated in 2 sessions on preventive health (what part the local church can play), and Alta shared with them the importance of women’s ministry.

Fernando cooking for the gang.
On Wednesday afternoon, Alta, Salena, Eunice and I went to the ‘old farm’ to conduct an introductory session on preventive and women’s health to the ladies of the area. This is the location where the ladies ministry was birthed originally, although the facility was certainly shabbier way back then! It was nice to see my old friends still participating in the classes. Like me, they’re also getting older and their kids are now grown up too.

And last but not least, I had to get a very red sun going down

And a rather orange moon coming up. This is the Season of Fire (as I call it) and on the day these were taken, there must have been 5 fires burning in the surrounding area. The haze left by the smoke adds some unusual effects to these normally bright lights in the sky! I’ll write more about the fires in my next blog.


The Nelson's Dog Patch said...

Lynn you have such neat ideas for your blog posts. (Sigh) I need to update mine soon hopefully after the week-end

Russell said...

wow mom! Cool moon and sun! Please send the full resolution pictures to me via e-mail! I would be very greatful!

Haha, love the track pictures. Typical mozambican track.