Sunday, September 30, 2007

Getting Things Fixed

(Here's a shot of a beautiful Jacaranda tree. They're in bloom now in South Africa. Apparently they're considered a weed, but most people like them.)

Well, our week in South Africa has been a busy one. Our vehicle needed some urgent attention and apparently it's 'very tired'! After over 250,000 km of bad roads and being used to haul just about everything imaginable...I'd be tired too! We repaired what we could so it can take us a little further, but I'm afraid its days are numbered. We will need to look at a replacement for it in the near future. Mozambique is no place for 'sick' vehicles!

The day we arrived here, it began to rain. Apparently it had been very hot the day before...up to +40 or so. But then the wind began to blow and cold, rainy, dreary weather settled in and stayed for the entire week we were here! It warmed up briefly one day mid-week, then promptly clouded over and poured rain the next. I only packed 2 thin jackets and brought NO closed shoes. This is hot spring in Africa after all! Well, I survived the experience, but certainly drank my fair share of hot tea with a warm cat on my lap.

I was the other one who needed some fixing while we were here. Tylenol had become part of my daily diet for the previous 3 months due to a tooth that was ailing. Oh the joys of growing seems that between Dr. and dentist visits, I keep pretty busy (when we're here at least)! Anyway, I had another root canal done and it was a particularly sore one. I told the dentist I have very unhappy teeth. He just chuckled. I wasn't laughing though. I think the only place in the world where I would rather not be in the reclining chair is in a dentist's office!
All in all it's been a productive week. The vehicle has had its 'face lift', I'm now off Tylenol, and we've been able to pick up some much needed items for the work in Moz. It's been great to see our Mercy Air family again too. So yes, tomorrow we cross the border into Mozambique again. We'll produce those same very official travel documents that the nice immigration official gave us. Then, once back in Chimoio, we have to face the music (begin the process of getting those important stickers in our resident's permits). Oh, we heard of another fellow-missionary couple who also missed the announcement to go through the expatriate census process. They're Canadian too. Hmmm.


Luke said...
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Luke said...

Hey Lynnie...
I didn't know they had Jacaranda trees in Africa! That is so cool! I love that tree. It's so beautiful!
So... I updated my blog (finally!!!) After much pressure from everybody around. Now the only one that needs to do the same is Pat! Maybe she will feel intimidated now... :p haha.
So.. It's good to hear about your trip in South Africa! Hope everything goes fine through you "visa thing"! Today I was at church and the man started to pray about this person who needs a job and can't find it! Haaa. I was so impressed! Then after the service was done, two ladies, one at a time, came to talk to me. One said that her son is quiting his job (he paints.) and that the company will need somebody! *maybe an opportunity, eh?! And, then the other one came and she asked if I knew how to work computers and stuff like that! I mean.... NO WAY!!! So.... both of them took my phone number and they might call me. Let's wait and see. :p
take care you guys. Say hi to Dwight for me.... =)
Love, Luke.

Anonymous said...

Ah Lynnie you're so good about keeping up with your blog. I know I keep promising to update mine but there always seems to be something else that needs to be done instead. Bear with me :(

Your big sis

Russoft said...

hey LYNNIE!!

cold and rainy does not = dreary! cold and rainy is AWESOME!

Anyway, today sucked, I'm tired, and stressed. I'm going to go. Hope you guys made it back to the farm in one piece.

Amanda said...

My day sucked, too :(
Lemme know when you get home! Say hi to my doggie for me :) love ya

Luke said...

WAS Russell trying to make fun of me and Pat because we both called you "Lynnie"????? haha....
Just kidding. :p

ruth said...

My day was good. I had the day off and so did Royden. We went to the zoo and got a backstage pass to the reptile exhibit to take pictures of frogs. The reptile guy helping us told us stories about travelling to S. Africa with permits to take pregnant reptiles back to America. I told Royden no reptiles in the suitcase! I will pray for your poor teefies.
Love ya!