Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I think it's going to be a muddy Christmas!

Just a little update. In a nut shell I should just say it's the same old same old since my last blog post! On Saturday we got stuck here on our way out to town to hook up to internet and get some groceries. That night it rained 69 mm and turned that bad patch into something that resembled a river bed!
Here the ground is either giving way or Dwight is testing its 'unsoundness'! Watch out Dwight, you don't want to get stuck in that!
We cancelled our Sunday plans (to phone our kids to see how last minute packing/studying was going). We really didn't want to get hopelessly stuck! On Monday it was all hands on deck as our staff worked flat out to dig ditches to redirect the continual water flow down the road. We resorted to laying heavy boards along the tire tracks so at least our pick up could make it out, but the truck was simply too heavy. It got stuck just trying to haul the wood and broken bricks to help fill huge eroded gaps in the road. It was one dirty, smelly mess let me tell you!
On the cleaner and brighter side, this is one of the sponsored students who recently received a gift from guess where?? Canada! He was so pleased to receive his care package, he just smiled and smiled. This is his dad beside him, also smiling!
Internet Modem update: Well, it seems to still be in transit somewhere between the UK and Africa... A modem did arrive at the Harare DHL and they thought it was ours. But it wasn't. So we're still waiting and trying to be patient.
Rain update: We can't believe it's STILL raining as heavily as it is. Our rainy season is about as short as Canada's summer and we dont usually get torrential rains so early. We've already had last year's entire rainfall and the season heavy part of the season (Jan and Feb) are yet to come. The local people are concerned that if this keeps up they won't be able to get in and weed their crops which could mean a dismal production year. So we're praying that the Lord will help the clouds contain themselves just a bit :).
As I write this our kids are in the Toronto airport. Their Edmonton flight left just after midnight after a day of exam writing. I'm sure THAT felt like cruel and unusual punishment! That schedule wasn't intentional, just an oversight. It's a good thing they're young, not sure I could handle it. We are on pins and needles awaiting their arrival here in about 48 hours.
In case I'm not online before Christmas, let me wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas! Please enjoy the snow for us, and we'll 'enjoy' the mud for you :)!

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Anonymous said...

Wow - maybe a gravel road would do it? - or - maybe pavement would be nice!!
Great pictures Thanks