Thursday, October 30, 2008

Student file updates, laying stone, and more creepy-crawlies. Eek!

We usually update student files and photos for the sponsorship program much earlier in the year, but this year somehow, some of our work went astray over the thousands of kilometers between Mozambique and Canada. So we’ve had to play catch-up over the past few weeks in an attempt to get all the school kids’ individual photos and information updated. Taking their pictures is definitely the fun part for me since the kids always ham it up nicely for the camera and I get lots of photos of their goofy antics and beautiful smiles.

My least favourite part of the task is definitely the database update--row upon row, column upon column of names and more names, numbers and more numbers. After awhile my eyes go crossed and I have to abandon the task until I can focus again!

Speaking of names though, there are some very unique ones especially if you translate them from Portuguese into English: Respect, Teacher, Notice, Towel, Onion, Twenty, Varnish, Soap, Seven, and others. I like these names because they’re much easier for me to remember, spell, and keep track of than names like: Hazvinei, Muzanenhamo, Muchaibande or Nhamupimbe. ☺

I had a rather grueling morning today. I laid stone, in the hot sun, for a sidewalk by our house.

Okay, I admit, I didn’t do the serious chain-gang-type-killer-sized-stone lifting-thing…I left that to the men. I did lift some smaller ones though, and helped nudge the killer-sized ones into position. The most challenging part was the leveling so I was very glad when Dwight got back from town in time to help me do that.
(Peter pouring cement between the stone.)

And in case you’re wondering why I was given this task, well, it’s because I happened to comment on the fact that stone should be laid in cement a “certain way”, not just any old way. My husband took me up on my "offer" :) Next time I think I’ll keep my big mouth shut!

And this brings me to the last paragraph (or more), which is reserved for stories of creepy things on weeks when we are visited by creepy things. That's been every week lately.

Kim and I got to witness something the other night that I’ve never seen in all my life of living around Cicadas (or Christmas beetles). These are the beetles that come to life as soon as our weather heats up in September or October and keep us company for a good 4 months or more. The thing I like about them is that they’re clumsy, cute in a Yoda sort of way and, well, not real smart. The annoying part is that they scream “zweeeeeeeee” all day long. It can be quite deafening! Anyway, what we discovered last night was a Cicada hatching out of its shell (Click here for a link that describes how they “morph”).

This is amazing colouring considering how dark they go shortly after emerging.

The creepiest story though is how I was on my way into the bedroom near bedtime last week and saw this:

Sorry about the poor exposure.

That would be a smallish black snake on his way into our room. Question: why are snakes never headed OUT of my house when I see them??

Dwight tried to finish up the business call he was on at the time while I watched the snake very closely to see where he was going. What’s worse than seeing a snake in your house is not seeing him but knowing he’s there, somewhere--especially if it’s Spitting Cobra. They have deadly aim. My sense of urgency rose sharply when he decided to head under the bed, so when the timing was just right I trapped him against the wall with a piece of wood. I tried to do this and shield my eyes at the same time, just in case. Funny sight, I’m sure. Funnier still was when Dwight managed to come to the rescue armed with a broom and wearing sunglasses. At night. He needed eye protection and they were the closest thing. Oh well, better funny and safe than sorry!

I better run for now. Stay safe. And funny too :D


Luke said...

uhh those beetles look at little, hmm... "different"! :p

and about the snake... I sure can picture you trying to trap it and shield your eyes at the same time! lol and Dwight coming to the rescue sounds hilarious! Sounds like one of those superhero moments... haha

The Nelson's Dog Patch said...

I wish there were could've been pictures depicting this scenario. But never mind I can actually see it all happening very clearly in my mind. Too funny, did you get the giggles afterward?