Thursday, February 12, 2009

Candid shots

I’m always amused by the photos I get back when we hand a camera over to one of our staff to take photos of an event because they get photos that I could never get. It's not easy to get such candid shots. And that’s why some of these are special...they're just a bit more real (or hammed up, perhaps?) than mine. ☺

The two on the right are the woodshop guys, Gabriel and Marcos. Pastor Ricardo, on the left, heads up the Monitor/Church leader training program. That’s his specialty. He’s holding a hammer for this photo, but, it’s really just for the photo!

Here are a few other photos, that I didn't take, of a pastor’s seminar.

This is Simon, stealing a quiet moment, I guess (if I'd taken the picture, he would have stood straight and smiled at the camera). The new preschool just opened this week and he figures he’ll have anywhere from 50-80 kids for several hours each day. Hopefully, he’ll have a few parent-volunteers too. He works in the health post as a “Socorrista” (first aid worker) while he’s not in the preschool.

Here’s a cute picture taken of one of the preschoolers.

This week’s events:

The truck picked up 24 new school desks. That’s several more than we thought we could get with the amount donated towards desks. What a bonus! They're beautiful.

(Below: awaiting delivery to the school)

The orphan home in Chitundo got doors and windows, which are the last touches pretty much. This house (and the previous few) has gone up overnight it seems AND it's straight and solid. God sent an amazing builder our way.

Pearson, cooking maize meal for people who come to work hungry. This week we had several grannies coming to work who claimed to have gone several days with no food. 

Update on house construction:

Front veranda

Kitchen ceiling goes in and base coat of paint goes on the walls. Progress!

I’ll close this time with a photo of our dog, Mushu, begging. That’s what he does best and he tends to do it alot. So, this is not really a very special photo at all. Anyone could get a shot like this,  as long as you have some meat left over on your plate.


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Your dog is cute...what I could see of him anyway!