Saturday, April 18, 2009

Drip, drip, drop little April showers…

If not, then maybe some snow? Perhaps?

Most of us agree that it should not be doing this in April, but the weather system clearly hasn’t watched the Disney animation Bambi lately. This really isn't that unusual for Alberta though, and for those of us who haven’t had to put up with it through the long, cold winter, it was kind of nice, and fun. Right, Hon?

Guess not! (Haha, just posing for the shot, don't worry.)

Clearing snow is not nearly as fun as playing in it, or watching it float to the ground while you sit in a warm, cozy chair indoors.  But this snow didn’t hang around for very long at all. For the last few days, we’ve had sunny days, up to +15 C, that invited anyone with cabin fever to spill into the streets stripped down to t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops, and to drive around in their convertibles (top down, of course). If it were ever to get as cold as +15 C in Mozambique, we would wrap up in our woolies, curl up in a cozy chair, and sip hot tea. That’s relativity, I suppose.

Anyway, on to other highlights of this week:

We were home just long enough to wash, dry and repack our clothes so we could hit the road again, south this time, to Three Hills, Alberta. Three Hills is a town so small that if you blink twice driving by, you'll miss it. Despite its size, it is hometown to Prairie Bible College, and I'd say that Prairie is pretty much what places Three Hills on the map!

While there, we met with a number of people. Some have been to Mozambique already, some are slated to come next month for the first time, and others are involved in other ways. (To see posts related to last year’s nursing team visit, click “nursing students” under “labels” in the right hand column of this blog. Posts related to their 2007 visit can be found by clicking "2007" in the blog archive and toggling down to the June posts.)

Below: Me with Suzanne (Practical Nurse Instructor and practicum team leader) and some of the 2nd year nursing students who will be doing a practicum in Mozambique this May. We got to put some finishing touches on their schedule of activities then had a good visit afterwards.

Below: Dwight sharing with students in the aviation program. Dan, one of the engineers from this faculty, came out to do the  annual inspection on the mission's aircraft in 2007. We highly value the input of those who have come out to serve with us!

After two happy but fairly full days, we returned home to yet again to unpack and do laundry. Thankfully, we and our overnight bags will get a bit of a breather since most of our activity will take place close to Edmonton over the next little while. Our kids are feverishly studying for final exams right now, but as soon as they’re done, we plan to take a few days for some family time and R&R in the mountains. We’re hoping to hike and sight-see a bit, weather cooperating, but mostly we just want to be together. So if it decides on “little April showers”, or snow as could be the case, some cozy chairs, hot tea and a chat will be real nice too!

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