Sunday, May 10, 2009

Loving Care

It's Mother's Day so I thought it was a good chance to post these photos that Heather took with my camera a few months ago. These are Mozambican moms with their babies strapped on in customary fashion, by a piece of cloth. The upside is that babies are generally pretty content swaying to and fro everywhere on mom’s back, be it to the well to fetch water or working in the fields with a hoe. The downside is—not much of a break for mom! Notice that the mom on the right has twins…one carried on the back, one on the front. Wow! Not all moms do things quite like this, but either way, a mom’s job is a busy one that requires life-long commitment and love. I want to take this chance to say thank you to my own mom, and to all moms for their loving care—we love you!

This week we've continued our trek to and fro across the land...

We've been to home and small group meetings and have been so honoured by: 1) Those who give of themselves in a number of ways that helps share hope to people who are half the world away, and 2) The willingness of friends and family to go out of their way to help us promote/raise awareness of the needs in Mozambique. There's a lot of work involved in getting these things organized. There's: driving, talking, inviting, booking, cleaning up before, shopping, cooking, cleaning (and so on and so on) and following up on after—all for the sake of loving and caring for others in need. Here are a few shots of those things happening this week.

My mom and aunt getting Mother's Day pancakes underway. What fun!

I’m moving on to my last paragraph now and I’m giving you fair warning that there are reptile and bug photos ahead. (Yes, even though I’m not even in Africa!) It seems these things are the object of affection, or at least interest, for some.

This is Yoda, my niece and her husband’s pet Panther chameleon. Pretty, huh?

Below is his dinner…cockroaches. And get this: they’re especially bred cockroaches (for the purpose of being dinner). I’m imagining Dwight’s mom’s response to this right now—and that reminds me of a funny story I may just tell sometime.

Feeding Yoda.

A delightful and delighted crowd (I didn't post photos of their other expressions). 

Well, I should go spend the rest of Mother’s Day with my family. And remember to give your (or at least a) mom a hug today!

PS: Please note the changes on this blog’s sidebar, I’ve included info on upcoming events.

PPS: Apparently I forgot to mention what happened with that course I was preparing to write a final exam on in March. Well, I wrote it and did fine.  Now on to the next course: Introductory Statistics. Wish me luck. And yes I know, luck has nothing to do with it--tutoring from my daughter, on the other hand, will likely be the "make or break" factor!


Royden Lepp said...

Your relatives are weird.

Anonymous said...

It was a great week-end wasn't it Lynn? Full of family, fun, food & of course laughter. Lots & lots of laughter, love the shot of mom & auntie Marlene!

Your big sis :)