Saturday, June 20, 2009

We're Buffalo?

Or at least, as Dwight said in his motivational speech to walkers at the Global Care A Thon this morning, we should be like them. I can’t think of many ways that I want to be like a buffalo though. Really I can’t. They’re just not THAT beautiful and they can be quite cranky. And besides, I’m just not that into standing around chewing on grass.

But I guess Dwight was referring to one particular instance (click here to watch) in which a herd of buffalo displayed amazing and very uncharacteristic behaviour when they faced their worst fear--a pride of lions--to save the life of one of their young. 

Phew…it had nothing to do with their looks, being cranky or eating too many greens. It had to do with (in point form--my favourite):

Facing their fears (or whatever).
Doing something they didn’t necessarily “want” (or feel safe) to in order to...
Help (and give hope to) someone else.

The cool thing is that this very morning we witnessed just this type of behaviour when a whole lot of people gave up their Saturday morning sleep-in-and-kick-back-awhile-time to come and participate in a walk to raise funds for feeding hungry children. Here are shots of the event.

This is where walkers started the 8 km hike. You can't see it very well, but the sign states that this is its 34th annual walk! 

Flags of Mozambique, Romania and India: destination countries where funds raised will be sent.

Eight kilometers is a fairly long walk. Good thing the sun was shining!

Willing walkers :)

Distance markers with a reminder.

At the end of the walk, all the walkers gathered under this big tent to hear some singing, greetings from representatives of the recipient entities, and a word of encouragement.

Dwight sharing the buffalo story and a challenge.

It took a lot of planning, cooperation, work and yes, getting up early for the walk. But knowing that these efforts help, for our part, to feed more than 200 school kids in Mozambique a full meal once a day…for an entire year. Well, what can I say? It’s amazing!

The buffalo would be proud ☺

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Karen said...

So good to read this blog, Lynn. Brought back memories of walking in that walk-a-thon and reminded me again of what can be accomplished when we have a mind, heart and will to do the things God's put within us. The video was amazing and reinforced this morning's message at church - facing the giants in our life. I was so nervous just watching the video - but it's possible to walk through and beyond our fears - YES!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post...I truly appreciate you and your blog (your sharing). God bless you. Penny