Sunday, February 07, 2010


It’s been an inspiring kind of week. Not the fluffy, ethereal, feel-goody kind where you go “Woot!!” though. No, this week had its difficult moments where things that happened challenged my resolve to an extent. The funny part about difficulty is--it’s actually good for us. Unlike “good times” (sorry to say), it certainly makes me plumb the depths within myself for resources I don’t normally realize I have. It also opens the opportunity for others to get involved and yes, plumb their own depths as well. And this is what draws people together and what draws us closer to God. And that, to me, is the inspiring part.

I think I mentioned about Paulo last week and how he needed medical attention. Here's his depiction of his clinic stay:

Photo with clinic staff

He was discharged on Monday—on IV meds and deep wound irrigations no less! This is not normally the sort of thing we try to tackle on a grass mat in a village home. This, however, was an unusual circumstance and so far we’ve managed it all quite well.

Our “sterile field” is very small indeed.

We have a good stock of supplies though, thanks to compassionate individuals and visiting nursing teams. So to all those who have given gifts of medical supplies over the years: THANK YOU! Although Paulo is much better compared to last week and is even back in school again, he likely needs one more visit to the Dr.

There were a few other critical illnesses this week as well, like a school child with high fever who was unable to walk. This time of year is notorious for such things it seems. A few #1A meds later and thankfully most everyone seems to be on the mend.

I was sitting on our quiet veranda the other night, feeling tired after a particularly busy day, and checking emails when an old best friend of mine, Sirley, popped up on msn to chat. She’s in Brazil and I’m in Africa but the work we do is somewhat similar. She and her family live in and run an orphanage with 18 children, some with special challenges like autism and cerebral palsy. The family doesn’t lead much of a separate life from the orphan kids; they are more like one very large family.

Sirley (far right) and her family

Apparently, last week two new babies had been brought to them—one chubby one and one very malnourished. My parents ran an orphanage for years so I know what a rewarding but demanding job it is, even if you live in a separate home. This family doesn’t though. They take in needy children with open arms, share and share alike, and hold nothing back. Every time I visit her I’m challenged because I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do near what she does. “Do the babies sleep at night?” I asked, guessing she must have a helper who takes charge of the babies for the night. “No,” she said, “I sleep with them.” “How exactly do you manage all this??” I asked, concerned. “By God’s grace.” She replied.

Wow. Suddenly my week didn’t feel so bad. In fact, it felt like peanuts (almost). I was energized and inspired. ☺

Thank you, my friend.

In closing, yesterday we held our mission’s annual general meeting. Lots of good reports given and a good lunch followed. That was inspiring too…the fluffy, feel-goody kind.



Russell said...

Hey, that's Selva isn't it. You all are looking good!

ruth said...

I love Sirley! She's so much fun!

Amanda said...

Mommy, looking beautiful as usual :). Glad you survived your week and not only that but can look back and still be thankful! I'm learning "it could always be worse (or more difficult I suppose)." Definitely helps to put things into perspective. Love you!