Saturday, March 13, 2010

What’s going on?

All kinds of stuff actually, but it was Friday before I realized I had no photos of any of it.

I had spent most of the week between a few home visits and (mostly) buried under mounds of paperwork, from assignments and health manual editing to writing up schedules, sundry guidelines and emails. Suddenly, it was Friday. And I hadn’t taken a solitary photo all week to post here! So I turned my back on my little worktable, grabbed my camera, and headed out the door for a quick photo shoot.

I discovered all kinds of productivity and progress as I sprinted from site to site:

At the main office, short termers, Chris and Corissa, were hard at work on the mission school's database.

Then I popped over to the Mercy Air site. The garage there is serving many purposes, one of them being a vehicle-fixing-garage. Need something fixed? Get in line :)

The guys have sure enjoyed learning from Rick during his time here.

The right hand side of the fix-it garage is Ron Wayner's carpentry shop. And, I'm very pleased to say, the cupboard on the table is one Ron's been working on for my kitchen. And cupboards in my kitchen are greatly needed! Did I mention how pleased I was?

Preparing for pouring the slab at the Mercy Air house. This back-fill dirt is dug out and loaded on the truck, by the shovel full, then unloaded also by the shovel full, then with hoes, rakes and what-have-you, pulled to where it needs to be. Then it get tamped down, by hand. Building out here is quite the process!

The deepest part has yet to be filled.

Moving along here, I popped by the woodshed. Here's Marcos, Gabriel and Andy busy working on their respective tasks.

Marcos shows off the shudders and doors that will be put in the Chitundo Health Post. Beautiful!

At some point, the roof was put up on the extension off the woodshop. Pretty sure I saw photos of Chris and Carissa working on this in the hot sun.

Then it was over to the camp kitchen. Here, holes have been dug for pillars to put up a thatched camp dining area. (Machesa, as they're called here.)

Peter and Casseni work on iron structures for the pillars.

From the camp site, and happy I had at least a few photos, I headed home to keep plugging away at the mound that I was pretty sure awaited my return.

Today, I made a point of remembering to take my camera along when I headed to Bero’s home to do a dressing change. Rick came along on the home visit and took, here I am:

Bero with his brother, his wife and child, and the guys' sister (far left).

While I change his dressing, we talk about life and usually at some point, I quiz him on his math. I'm sure he just loves that :P

Here is some of the week's action that Laura and Rick captured.

Laura spent hours cleaning and sorting used clothing, then distributing them to the staff. New work clothes are always welcome.

Keren and Laura have been busy preparing for health class and girl's club at the school. Here are their hand-made teaching aides.

And last but not least, this is the Chitundo orphan home that got painted this week by Chris and Corissa. Lookin' good! (thanks for the photo Heather)

And with that, I shall say goodbye for now. I've got some supper to put on, company to enjoy, and I know that mound of stuff is still waiting for me too.

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