Saturday, April 17, 2010

What We Need

As we travelled from one country and culture to the next over the last few weeks, I thought a lot about what we as people need. I guess it's the mix of development and progress, cultural differences, and economic disparity that got me thinking. I decided I would share about the past week from that perspective, so bear with me.

To a greater or lesser degree, here are some of the things we need:

Buildings: Schools, Hospitals, Churches, etc.
(Construction on Outreach Community Centre in Ca├žador, Brazil)

(Mercy Air house, Mozambique)

Safety (New fire extinguishing system at Mt. Horeb, Brazil)

A Warm Shower (shock-proof, preferrably), when it's cold outside.

Parking Spots. Cars too. (Mt Horeb)

Kitchen Cupboards (Ron Wayner, Mozambique) Yay!

To Look Good. Real good.


Cool Bus Stops

Good Music and Prayer Time
(Mt Horeb church *the 2 young drummers are excellent!)

A Place To Worship

Something To Anticipate

To Talk To Someone

Somewhere To Hang Out

To Eat. As often as possible :)
(My Dad, the couple who translate our training materials, my friends, and us.)

Girl Time!

To Smile at the Camera. Cheese!

Accomplishment--even if it's just climbing the sand pile.

Oddities. They keep life interesting.

Hugs. Often.

To Long For Things (and not get everything we want)

To Love and Serve Others--as we would like to be loved and served.
This is an important and often neglected need we have.
(School lunchtime, Mozambique)

And at the end of it all,
To Rest (with our feet up, of course)
We're finally in Edmonton doing just that. That, plus enjoying time with family. And that's needed too.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Patti said...

I loved this very unique 'picture story' Lynn, you have such creativity when it comes to your blog. Sigh... why didn't I get any of that :(