Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Time

We’ve had some time with family (including aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins, and so on) this week, so in many ways we spent the perfect Mother’s Day together. (Thanks to my cousin, Kim, for the wonderful family photos.)

As we sat around the table yesterday enjoying a wonderfully prepared brunch, we reminisced of times gone by. Like how Auntie Marlene and Uncle Elmer had an oblongish 3-legged footstool we used to like to tip and “take rides” on. And how when we made trips to visit them on the twisting and winding mountain road between Squamish and Vancouver, we'd get car sick.

I remember when mom told us she had discovered “Gravol” (to my 6 year old mind: "gravel") that we were to take before each trip. This was to help reduce motion sickness. I wasn’t sure how my swallowing gravel was going to help at all with that, but I was willing to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised when Mom offered me a spoonful of sugar with a crushed pill rather than stones.
And we talked about some of the small troubles we encountered (shenanigans, mostly, that we got up to) as youngsters and how Mom guided us through correction to resolution, and how much better we felt at the end.

And how Auntie taught us to “whistle while you work” when attitudes towards clean-up time sagged a little.

All very vital input, really. If you take it. Like swallowing sugar and crushed pills rather than stones.

Mom, thank you for the sugar with the pills. Without the stones.

And thank you auntie (all our aunties, in fact), for your love and support too.

A few shots of our day with family. Relaxing after brunch.

Other news:

At long last, the health manual (both Portuguese and English copies) that Keren and I have been working on for quite awhile has been sent to the printer. What a big task that was to get written, edited, formatted, reworded, tweaked, illustrated (below: one of the possible front cover options, but not the final one),

translated, re-edited and re-formatted (countless times). I now have a new appreciation for anyone who has produced any book, but especially a health manual in two languages. Thank you Keren for your tireless work, hours of drawing and coloring, and to all who so willingly contributed toward this effort!

Meanwhile, back home in Moz:

Andy has returned to Switzerland but will soon be preparing to return to Mozambique.

He does many things besides fly planes. He's been busy working with the "ag" (agriculture) guys. Apparently, the veggie garden is looking great.

And making necessary changes so the sheep and cattle will be healthier and happier.

Construction on the Mercy Air house has been moving along nicely too.

As has been work on my cupboards while we've been gone. Thank you Ron!

Thank you for the Mozambique photos once again, Barb. My sister in Africa. You're great :)

And with that, and hugs to all the moms and aunties who help us along, I will say goodbye for now.


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