Friday, June 18, 2010


You know how sometimes your ups and downs can have ups and downs? Well, sometimes, delays can have delays. So here we are, delayed yet another day on our already delayed departure to return to Mozambique. We were slated to leave yesterday, and permissions etc. were all in place, when the avionics place doing some work on the plane called to say there had been a glitch with some of the instrument installation and they'd had to order a new part. Problem was, it would only be arriving the following day. So, our departure date had to be pushed forward one day. So goes life at times.

This living out of a suitcase is sure getting old!

Can't say I mind them making sure the flight instruments are all working though. Don't mind that at all.

In the meantime, we've kept busy with work that seems to always be with us regardless of where we are. One of my tasks has been to rework some portions of the English health manual in order to make it more relevant to health teaching needs in places other than Mozambique.

Although the health manual was primarily written for pastors in rural Mozambique, it seems there may be some interest in using it in neighboring English speaking countries. I'll be happy if the English copy can be used since a fair bit of time and effort has certainly gone into its making already.

I have had, and really appreciate, input from other people as we tailor the manual to a different context. But one truth has once again become very apparent: the work of editing knows no end!

Our delay means that we weren't able to be in Beira to welcome the second Prairie team when they arrived on Sunday, however other mission staff on the ground were and it seems they're off to a good start.

Today, we picked up the plane so it's now here at Mercy Air just waiting for take-off to Mozambique in the morning. We have now repacked our suitcases and bags, so all that's left to do is pack the plane, sleep tonight, then get up and leave in the morning. All going well, that is. And if no further unforseen delays come our way.

We can't wait to get home, get unpacked, and put those suitcases where they belong--in a storage place collecting dust!

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Patti said...

O.k. first of all I want to know if I get any kind of monetary
'royalties' for my famous picture being posted on your blog :) By now you should be home safe & sound. Thank goodness eh?! Love u.