Saturday, July 17, 2010

Things change. Things stay the same.

I had a few déjà vu type moments this past week and it made me think about time and change. Bear with me while I share a few related thoughts.

1. Time goes by. (Shocking, I know.)
2. Things change over time.
3. The more things change, the more they stay the same. (This saying was apparently coined by Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr. In French, of course).

Day 1
On Monday, we had the privilege to travel yet again. But this time, we had two special travel who, for many years, were our neighbors in the bush.

The family helping load the plane.

They essentially grew up with our kids and, for the most part, the four were inseparable. If our kids weren’t at their place, they were at our place. And if they all were at neither home, they were off camping or hiking and “roughing it” in the bush somewhere. We often referred to these kids as our 2nd set of kids ☺

This week, they needed to get back to school and we were going their direction so we went together. Watching the plane get loaded made me think of how much things have changed. And in some ways, how much they haven’t. That’s good too.

Below: 2004/2005. Our own family packs the same plane for a flight.

Anyway, in no time, we were loaded and off the ground. Here, Francois gets a few pointers from Dwight on flying.

Day 2
After a full day’s travel, we slept at Mercy Air, then headed for Joburg the following morning. But first we had some business to do so while we ran here and there sourcing supplies and parts, the kids waited in the car. Just like our kids used to do. And they were patient and entertained themselves, just like our kids used to do.

While we were on the highway, we came across a truck hauling 2 huge wooden crates.

Inside the back crate, was a rhino. If you look closely at the picture you can see his horn.

Ok, so use your imagination a bit :)

Day 3

One of the items on our agenda was to pick up the Portuguese Health Manuals that had been printed. It was an exciting moment for me to see the book we’d worked on so hard, for so long, finally printed in book form complete with a table of contents, cover, and all! This book will be introduced to monitors next week during the intensive seminar, and hopefully it will help bring about health changes--for the better--for many.

Printing the covers

Putting the covers on the books. The health manuals are stacked to the right.

Joburg was co-o-o-old as usual for this time of year, and once we were done our business there, we were anxious to return to lower altitudes and warmer climates.

Sunset by Nelspruit with World Cup Soccer flags still hanging from light poles.

Day 4
We rushed around and wrapped up business in Nelspruit/White River. One of the “to do” items was to reproduce the set of visual aids Keren has prepared for the school health curriculum she’s been working on very hard over the past few months. We trust that this too will bring some much needed changes to health for many!

At the end of that day, we packed the plane.

Day 5
We were up early in the “warmer-than-Joburg-cold” and were ready to leave by 7 a.m.. Mercy Air had a flight then too, so here are the 2 planes queued up by the Mercy Air hangars, ready to leave.

Our flight home went well, which is good since the engine is nearing its “TBO” (To Be Overhauled) time. I was concerned about a few black puffs I saw coming out of the exhaust the other day, but those who know more than I do about such things have assured me the Cessna is still good to go. And sure enough, it made the trip just fine.

As we flew north, the weather got warmer, and we shedded our sweaters and jackets and threw them in the back seat.

Much of the time, Mozambique is very hot and muggy. But sometimes, it’s just right. This was one such time and we were happy to be back.

Approaching the Chimoio airport area.
Sporadic winter brush fires are so characteristic at this time of year (again, look closely, and you'll see the smoke spires on the horizon).

Closer shot of fields alight.

Below: 2005 shot of the area with smoke spires rising.

Ah yes. Some things change and some stay the same.

It's good to be home again.



Keren Louise said...

Love the photo of all the manuals stacked up! Yah!

Amanda said...

Must feel great to see all those manuals done at long last!! Great photo of the rhino...can't say that I see it but ya know, the box is interesting too ;)

Russell said...

A trip down memory lane, mom!

Karen said...

Congratulations on getting the manuals done - you must be thrilled to see them in print, ready for their intended purpose.

Patti said...

Congratulations on your first published book. Luv u :)