Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hello and Goodbye

Something about this week reminded me of the book "Go Dog. Go!" by P. D. Eastman.

I read this book to my little brother many times as a child, and later, to my own kids as well. The story doesn't have much of a point, really. Basically, it is about dogs of all sizes, shapes, and colors,
coming and going, here and there,
and keeping very, very busy with work, play, and sleep (or not).

It seems they're on a journey to some mysterious place which, in the end, turns out to be a huge dog party. In a tree, no less.

So what made me think of this book? Well, maybe it was the hello's and goodbye's, the comings and goings, and the busyness around here last week.

Let me start with the week's first "hello's". On Sunday, we welcomed guests from the UK and from Mercy Air South Africa.

Chimoio airport

They only spent a few days with us, but it was a very busy few days for them! They visited the school,

and orphan homes.

They helped distribute food,

and got stuck into painting.

They visited many of the mission's sites, like the garden which supplies the school and orphan homes with vegetables.

They even attended a sick call with me. Here, Cathy Middleton (also a nurse), works with me to clean and dress a young man's 3rd degree burns. He was later taken to hospital.

It only seems fitting that their week ended with a party with the orphan kids. I'm not sure it was an official party, but there were balloons, games, and popcorn, so...close enough.

Oh, and there were a few other hello's as well.

Keren has been quite involved with this orphaned little one and his aunties who recently started on the milk/formula program. She brought him by the other day to say hello.

Hello also to the new thatched camp dining area/gazebo/machesa (whichever term you'd like :P). Isn't it beautiful?

Funds have come in to build a new school clinic which will be situated right beside the school. Here we are, choosing the site. Hello to more building!

And hello Mr. Green Mamba as well. He was hanging out in the litchi orchard which is not the litchi staff's preferred hang-out spot for biting/poisonous snakes. Too dangerous. Let's just say it was a short hello for him.

And last but not least, hello to the newest member of my growing stuffed animal collection (compliments to Keren's creativity). I'm pleased to tell you that I made this one, which means he's not exactly perfectly made! He has no name yet either. Suggestions are welcome, but none that pick out his defects...please. :)

Here's Keren teaching the ladies how to make these cute little animals so they can teach the school kids. The idea is that the this could be a project to help generate income needed to keep kids (specifically girls) in school longer.

This is Eunice's hippo in the making

Keren has been busy during her entire 10 (or so) months here, but even more so in the past couple of weeks. That's because her time at the mission is soon coming to an end, sadly enough, so she's wrapping up last minute details on the health and craft projects she's been developing. We've so appreciated her work with us!

Yesterday, after a busy week, it seemed very fitting (and in line with the Go Dog, Go! story) that we have a party. It was to commemorate Dwight's 50th birthday and to say goodbye to Keren as well.

Goodbye, Keren. Go well, and come back again one day!

And goodbye to the rest of you for now, too.

PS: Thank you to Paul Middleton who flew the group up here and took many of these photos!


Dwight Lagore said...

Go Lynn go! :)

Patti said...

Had totally forgotten about that crazy 'Go Dog Go' book. Ahhhh childhood where art thou:) And......let me guess, the stuffed animal you made has to be a warthog. Right?

Russell said...

I REMEMBER that book!

Amanda said...

I remember that book too!!!

Jenn said...

Hey Lynn... Great blog.. I love reading them. Gets me excited about the prospect of coming to help out with you guys one day..

p.s your stuffed animals name shall be dubbed Hugo... I think it is charming! ahha keep well.. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers...

Jenn Sanders..