Friday, November 05, 2010

7 (or so) Great Ways To Spend The Day

In case you’re looking for some input on Great Ways To Spend The Day, I'll share a few of the ideas I picked up this past week.

1a. DON'T be in school!

Lucky for kids on this side of the globe, school is officially done for 2010 and summer holidays have begun. Woohoo!

1b. BE at school!

Ok, that’s a little contradictory. But I know from personal experience that there’s no better time to plan a week of fun-filled activities and character-building lessons at school than when kids are on summer holidays and bored. As you likely already know, kids + school holidays = bored kids. The favorite bored-kid "plea" at our home when I was growing up was , “Let’s GO somewhere, let’s DO something!!!”

So fun times are planned, at the school no less.

The day starts off with one of the MOST favorite of all activities in these parts: singing and dancing.

Then, there's more singing and dancing.

I think the teachers and helpers enjoy it as much as the kids!

Below: the drummer boy and his "drum"

A very large ring around the rosie

And then a few stretches. As if little kids need them!

Above: Francois, school director (among other jobs)
Fernando (cook, amazing man, soon to retire)
Pastor Tome, assistant/taking over from Fernando

Kids captivated as Francois tells the day's story/lesson.

Anyway, onto other ideas for a great way to spend the day:

2a. NOT be stuck in your office doing paperwork. (At least I'm pretty sure that's what Dwight would say about now.)

2b. "BE in the office, all day, lazing around on the mound of papers on your owner’s desk." Ebony, the cat.

(Added tip: the nearer you are to your owner, the more pats and strokes you’ll get. Stress relief for humans, apparently.)

2c. Alternative plan: lay in surplus health teaching supplies box all day.

3a. Do NOT dig a hole for the latrine in the hot, hot sun all day.

3b. Oh, it’s for that pretty new clinic just over there?

The one with the nice red floor?

Oh! Well then it’s ok. ☺

4. Sit looking at the shell of your former self/life, thinking about how much more wonderful, free, and full life has been since re-birth.

It was grace that brought you here, and you know it, because only grace could have kept you through that!

5. Sit on a screen and get your photo taken by someone (who probably has better things to do but who can’t resist the moment…).

6. Lay on the shower's smooth pebble-stone mosaic very quietly (all day, if possible) until your owner comes to “shoo” you outside to “go jump rocks and eat succulent plants like any other normal buck would do!”

7. Go the coast. One of those beautiful ones in Mozambique with the lovely white sand on the beach that squeaks when you walk on it, and the clear, turquoise water that sparkles like a jewel in the sun at low tide. Go spend the day there.

Then spend another day there. Then maybe several more.

Ok, gotta go pack. :) I’ll be back to blogging as soon as I can pull myself away from #7.

Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

What a great posterior photo of the kids sitting listening to the story. Hope you feel relaxed and rested after enjoying #7 - nothing like oceanside getaways. BTW, did you pick the pebbles for your shower base? They look very similar to the ones we're collecting for a bathroom in our house. Wanna trade some rocks?
Always enjoy your blogs!

L. Lagore said...

Thank you! Re the pebble mozaic, I wish I could say that I was that committed that I went pebble hunting and placed them one by one. It was a huge job (I learned a lot the hard way)...but I used a prefabricated mesh :) Good luck!

Patti said...

Enjoy your time at the beach & try NOT to do any work while you're there. Either one of you!! Love the klipspringer's ears in the last photo so pretty.

ruth said...

Cute buck. We also like the cat. We also think you did an awesome job on the shower!!

Tamara said...

Looks like so much fun... wish I could be there and try out a few of your suggestions! I miss Mozambique :(