Saturday, August 27, 2011

About struggle, and car snorkels

I was watching Raimundo spread a layer of manure on my flowerbeds a few weeks back. I wondered (out loud) if he was laying it on a bit thick, but he figured the amount was just right. We both kept a curious eye on those flowerbeds over the next few weeks as he watered them faithfully, and turns out he was right. The previously scraggly and anemic looking plants are turning lush and healthy.

It reminded me again how even seemingly useless things can work for good. They say that about struggle, too. Apparently struggle is good. Funny how that works.

So in that light, something good will result from the struggles we faced this past week. Struggles like some people close to our hearts having serious health issues, team members having a car accident, and us having major hassles with our internet. I'm currently on a rather pokey little cellphone modem.

Thankfully, those with health issues seem to be on the mend and the vehicle seems to be the only “one” in the accident that sustained physical damage. (And that can be fixed.) Our internet problem, however, is being stubborn. Let’s hope that if we’re patient and keep working to sort it out, good will come of that too.

Anyway, on to the photos.

Rick Cogbill and Todd Green wrapped up their time here this week being their usual productive selves. Rick focused and made good progress on construction of the automotive workshop.

Huge crater dug with the backhoe that will be filled with rock. This is where the workshop drains will empty into.

Peter busy building the work pit (?term) so mechanics can stand beneath vehicles while they work on them.

So they can avoid this type of scenario...

(Todd and gang resurrect the Isuzu, again.)

Washing the minibus.
I bet it's a nice break for the guys from all that theory they learned earlier in the day!

I learned some interesting details in the last mechanics session about how/why vehicle engines don’t like being plunged into deep water. I guess they, like me, don’t like gulping water through their air intake system. If a vehicle MUST ford a deep river, you may want to make sure it has a snorkel first. A “car snorkel” is just funny, no matter how you think of it.☺

As the guys packed their bags to head for home, I organized some of the school kids’ artwork to send back with them for sponsors. Organizing school-child art is the highlight of any day.

Pretty sure I see a snorkel on that vehicle :)

3 school girls taking home new Walt Disney character toothbrushes.
Makes toothbrushing all the more fun!

This gentleman, who sadly lost his wife recently, walked several hours to the clinic to get milk for his baby. The lady on the right is his adult daughter who is helping him with child care. We trust for health for this little one.

For this time, I'd better close. Could take awhile to upload this.

"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God..." Romans 8:28

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Russell said...

Yeah, mom, submarines have snorkels too. When a diesel-electric sub has to recharge its battery bank, it either surfaces, or comes to periscope death and pokes its snorkel out so the engines (and people) have O2.

Cool to see the developments, as always. Good they're getting those car-fixer pits :)