Sunday, October 09, 2011

Leaving the bush

Well, in all truth, we’ve left the bush already. We’re on our way south to take our visiting family to Joburg since their time here is nearing an end. We have a few scenic detours planned along the way though since it’s a very lo-o-ng ways to go and there are some good places to stop and catch a breather.

First though, a few shots of last Sunday’s service. We attended a little bush church that also ended up being a lo-o-ong ways. But out into the bush. I always say that if a rural person says your destination is “right there, not far”, you can bank on a good half hour of bouncing over bad roads. If they say “Eesh, that’s a lo-o-ong ways off!” you better pack your tent. Thankfully last Sunday’s service was a case of “right there, not far”. We had to pick our way through a few dry river beds which added a bit more excitement to the drive.

This old granny attended the service and we were quite captivated by her. She must be over 90 and is sharper and more vivacious than many younger than she is.

Here’s a pic of the church congregation after the service.

Anyway, Thursday morning we packed up and headed out of the bush. At about the half point in our 9+ hour Mozambican road drive (not the same as a 9+ hour north American road drive), we discovered we had a flat-ish looking tire so had to look for air. There are few gas stations along the way, and even fewer air pumps. But we came upon this little roadside business just across the Save river.

They had to prime the air compressor's old engine and give the cord a few good yanks to get it started, but start it did. And was it ever loud! But that didn’t matter, we were just happy to have found air.
While there, a little boy rode past selling “meat”.

Upon closer inspection we discovered what we is referred to as a “cane rat” in these parts.

Dwight couldn’t help hamming it up for the photo :)

We’ve now had a few days to show our family one of the loveliest spots along Mozambique’s coast.

It's turned out to be a rather typical experience as the power went off for over 24 hours and we then went without water for over 20 hours. Ah, such adventure!

Here's Ruth making toast over a flame on the gas stove.

Tomorrow we head for Kruger to see African animals. Here’s hoping the big 5, plus all those lesser but still beautiful others, will venture out from behind the bushes so we can see and photograph them.

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