Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Some people love change but for me, it doesn't always come easy. Change for the better is usually easier, but just plain old change can be hard work. Either way, both take getting used to.

A big change for me that comes to mind was when we got married and both my name and status changed. I went overnight from being Miss Trekofski to Mrs. Lagore. The reality hit really hard while we were jetting over the ocean toward Hawaii on our honeymoon and the airline stewardess addressed me as "Mrs. Lagore". I probably gave her a blank look initially and remember thinking, "...that's my mother-in-law". I wondered how I'd ever get used to a new name, never mind signing it, but in time I did.

Another major life-changing event was becoming a mom. I went from being able to just grab my purse and dash out the door on a moment's notice to having to engage in a major get-baby-and-baby-paraphernalia-ready event. When I think of it now, it was a bit like getting ready to go camping except you don't need the matches.

When we moved to the African bush and lived camp-style and in tents for a year, that was a huge change that took adjustment too. It was like packing for the major outing-with-baby-event, times 10 or 100 or 1000, and this time you definitely did need the matches.

There was more change on the way when the kids grew up and left home to pursue their education and careers. I was suddenly more foot-loose and fancy-free again, the house was quieter, and meals needed to be smaller. That all took adjusting to as well. And although there was a self re-definition of sorts, I didn't change my name again (thankfully).

So where am I going with this? Well, change is in the air once again. Thankfully it's not major and I'm especially thankful it doesn't involve camping, matches, or any of that stuff. What it does involve is a small re-definition of this blog--where I have spent many a fine hour trying to put thoughts and recent mission developments "on paper".

Finally this last week, after a lot of teamwork with writing, layout, photo contributions, and website development, the new SAM Ministries' site went "live". And with it, a new blogging platform for posting mission news. It will be updated regularly, so for those interested in the latest developments at the mission in Mozambique, make sure you check it out. For those of you interested in the curious things this blog, I'll still be here plonking away when things come to mind.

I think I can classify this change as one of the "easier" ones. Now, just to get used to it.

I'll close with a few photos:

Me and Amanda (our daughter) working.
Here she's pondering job applications since she's nearly finished her after-degree in Education and is now scouting teaching jobs in Edmonton. And I'm busy with website details, no doubt.

(The only justification for me wearing a yellow and green striped sweater is that it has BRASIL plastered across the front.)

Dwight adding a few more finishing touches to the presentation.

We received a wonderful donation last week from--a box full of reading glasses. I was handed a fairly long list of requests for glasses prescriptions for pastors in rural Mozambique in November. When they gave it to me, I told them to pray. See what happens when you pray? There a few ladies colors and styles in here as well, so the ladies will be smiling too.
(Thank you Blessman Ministries!)

Anyway, I'd best run for now.


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