Friday, April 26, 2013

When ordinary becomes delightful

The days have been simply packed and tonight I'm tired and very tempted once again to skip blogging in favor of just showering and crawling bed. But I managed to negotiate a deal with myself: keep it short. Capture one highlight of the many over the past 2 days. That was a tough choice, but here it is.

This afternoon, Cara, Bob Guzak, Ernesto and I visited the home of one of our students. First, we had to contend with the horribly eroded road to the school (shoot, no photo of that yet). Then, we walked the "short" distance of about 1.5 km to the home. The kids were SO excited!

When we got to the home, we were welcomed warmly and a grass mat was brought for us to sit on. This is the Mozambican bush home's equivalent to a living room with a comfy sofa. It was a great time for Cara to connect with a sponsored student. It was also a great video/photo op which always delights the kids immensely when you show them the playbacks.

We all enjoy seeing moving images of ourselves, but it's especially fascinating when it's the first time ever.

Gifts were presented and the moment was enjoyed by all, but note the two boys still stuck on video replays on the iphone.

The momentum really picked up when Bob videoed the whole scene and replayed it on his ipad. I don't think any two apple screens have ever been touched by such wondering fingers as these were today, repeatedly. 

Photo fever reached an all-time high as I snapped a few more shots and kids squealed with delight at the playbacks. "The dog! Take a picture of the dog!!" they cried.

That seemed a rather boring subject to me but since it's what they REALLY wanted, I took the shot.

When I showed them this playback, they doubled over and screamed with laughter. It's delightful to see a replay of yourself, but apparently it's hilarious to see them of your plain, ol' dog laying around in the dirt!

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