Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Colours of Winter

While you in the northern hemisphere enjoy the green of summer, we in the far South are entering our winter season. Our four seasons here aren’t nearly as distinct as they are in North America, but thankfully we have something more than simply “rainy” or “dry” season. Oh yes, we also get “very hot” and “fairly cold”! And if you’re thinking, “Right. How cold can it get in Africa?” just ask some of the Canadians who visited here recently! At devotions time in the morning, they were the ones bundled in layers of blankets holding their mugs of steaming coffee. This time of year also marks the beginning of “Fire” season. But more about that another time.
Dwight and I just returned from a trip to South Africa. We took a short break amid days of business and dental work (note to self: take next holiday on isolated Mozambican beach). It was good to be away, but it was good to get back too. I haven’t had time to hang curtains in our new little home (among other things) and my “to do” list is very long. My schedule right now isn’t quite as jam packed as it has been for the past 7 months, so I’m very ready to finally tackle some of the work I haven’t been able to get around to.
One of the jobs currently underway is the construction of our house. Here’s a picture of Dwight and the builders discussing foundation wall layout and other very important issues one must decide BEFORE the walls go up. One of the important lessons we’ve been reminded of in the last few months is: Build from the bottom up. Finish from the top down. This is a simple concept, but if you ignore it, you’ll certainly kick yourself!

Other news: Good news is, the school roof is on and the walls are painted! And boy does that school look spiffy out there in the bush. These pictures are of the Stellenbosch group visit last week. Many hands made finishing this job possible, and our sincere thanks to all who participated in one way or another. You’ve made many happy hearts.


Anonymous said...

Good morning: Tho't I'd take a quick peak, and I am so excited to see the beginning of construction on YOUR mansion. Now that is exciting.
God bless - remind Dwight to take a second look at those light fixtures!!! Ha
Amy & Ed

W said...

Oh my word...could that be the same school that we saw when we were there?? It is so good to see that it is done and looking so "spify". I am glad that you had the many hand to get "her done". I could only think while we were there that it was going to take a lot of time and work to make it look like a school again. I think those children must be excited about it. They really have somehting to sing about now!


Amanda said...

Lookin good! Can't wait to see it all.

Anonymous said...

Dan emailed me your blogsight. What a pleasure to get a glimpse into your life! Think of you often and still want to visit. Promise it will be within the next couple of years....Lord willing. Praying for you and will keep reading your blogs. Great to see you building a house....Dan and Sharon Rhind