Saturday, June 23, 2007

Old, Tired Furniture

Yes, this furniture has certainly seen better days! It belonged first to Dwight’s folks and served them well in Transkei (part of South Africa). Then when we moved to Mozambique, we brought it with us. This furniture has traveled every step of our +/- 3000 km adventure with us. It has bounced and bumped along the potholed roads and can attest to the fact that they’re a killer to travel on! They’ve been teethed on, jumped on by kids, slept on by pets (who weren’t supposed to be up there), and sat on by many. They’ve been squeezed through more doorways than most, and have provided a place to sit in many odd places.

During this last move our friends said, “It’s time to chuck that old stuff out!” We agreed with them, but there are a few hurdles between them and the junk heap.

Mozambique has precious little replacement furniture to offer…tired furniture is better than no furniture.
If you flip the cushions over, it doesn’t look as bad…maybe we could just recover it?
It’s difficult to part with stuff that so many memories are attached to. It’s just plain difficult.

Two lazy boy chairs currently stand in our yard because there is simply no place to put them in our small living quarters. They’ve been sitting there for over 3 months, and I think they’ll be there a few months more. By the time rainy season rolls around we’ll need to have a decision one way or the other. I have a hunch they’ll end up on our back veranda, and in time, they’ll once again be squeezed through doorways where they’ll carry on with their purpose in life. Truth is, they’re not much to look at but they still work (sort of). That + 1 + 2 + 3 (above) = 0 new furniture in the near future. (Lynn’s furniture replacement assessing formula). I think I better google “Reviving Old Furniture”. I don’t think this furniture’s adventure is over yet!


Amanda said...

whew... that was scary. I was beginning to think you'd thrown it all out!

The Nelson's Dog Patch said...

Wow that's quite a life your furniture has had & it's stuck with you through thick & thin!! How could you even THINK aabout throwing it out, the nerve!!

Anonymous said...

HI, It's only missing a couple dreawers-is that an legitimate excuse for throw away?