Friday, June 01, 2007

Team Work

We have now reached the 2nd and final week of Prairie’s visit with us, and although it was busy and tiresome for everyone at times, it has been a great week! The team of 18 was divied up into 3 teams of 6 which rotated through 3 different work sites for about 3 days each. Yes, it was a bit like juggling, but things have gone very well and I think I can safely say that despite the expected bumps here and there, good experiences have been had by ALL and many lives have been touched. We leave on Sunday morning to take them through a game park then on to Beira where they will catch their flights back to Canada on Tuesday morning. We will certainly miss this gang! Here are a few more moments of this week:

Assessing a 12 year old with pneumonia (the mat is her bed).

BP check…judging by the smiles I’d say it was okay!

Treating a leg wound.

Cheering during “Day of the Child” celebrations.
And this…is mischief, pure and simple. Team rivalry between two Canadian teams who were here at the same time surely created a huge amount of suspense. Here Nat’s bed and items from his kitchen got duct taped into a tree and clothesline. I have a new respect for duct tape!

I'll sign off for now. Our door got duct-taped the other day so I think I better keep an eye on our bed! And a certain couple team members had better be watching their backs... TTYL.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn, looks like the teams brought a certian amount of.. shall we say... "life"! We are working hard to get there as soon as we can! I got a job right aways after we moved out to Grunthal, and we are adjusting to living with the inlaws! Hope all is well, God Bless,
Heather and Rick

Amanda said...

hah, nice. I like the pic of the kids (second last one). You're gettin good!!
Love you lots xxx

Amy said...

HI, did they at least buy the duct tape, or did Natt supply that from his supply for his house?
You just have got to have some fun.