Saturday, May 26, 2007

Canadian Prairie comes to Mozambican Bush

The team of nursing students (mentioned in my previous blog) from Prairie made it safe and sound and have survived the first week of bush camping! That says a lot. But they’ve done much more than just survive. They’ve hiked for hours, killed bugs, tolerated temperature extremes (from 7 to 30 Celsius in 24 hours), ate new food, walked some more, cuddled babies, played with children, dressed wounds, held hands, got VERY dirty, taught lessons, cared for many, walked more yet again, and I could go on. They’re still smiling though and they have been lots of fun. Here are a few pictures of their first few days here.

Sunday with a difference...

A long walk to church

And a little love!

Next week will surely be as busy as the first, so I'll be back with more photos as soon as I can.


shandra3 said...

Hi Lynne,
The pictures of the Prairie team are awesome! Of course I'm biased, but it's great to hear how they are doing. And seeing a picture of my dear daughter, or "Hissy" as the boys call her, made my week! We pray for health and strength for you and the whole team daily.


Anonymous said...

Hi sis & how are YOU surviving?? I honestly don't know how you can lead such a busy life all the time. Had a great time in Edmonton with your kids, are really enjoying Luke as well. I'm trying to talk Amanda into coming here for a week the end of Aug & we'll take Luke & her to see Ruth & Royden. I have enough air miles to fly to Kelowna & home again.

Well love you a bunch & I do plan on getting my blog off the ground so to speak!!

Amity said...

Good words.