Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Visiting...both near and far

A few weeks ago, Salena and I made the monthly visits to deliver food support for orphan homes in our immediate area. And since our cold weather arrived early this year, we decided to throw in a few extra clothes and sweaters as well. Here are a few shots of our visits to homes of those who receive help from the mission. The grass mat we're sitting on is customarily rolled out when guests arrive. It is always an interesting time together as we first exchange pleasantries, then get down to the chatting. Here's one of the girls trying on a fun item from the bag!
This granny who struggled for many years with leprosy receives help because it has become increasingly difficult for her to work her land and therefore feed herself. She lives alone but her grandchildren come to visit often. She is a very special lady!

When we pulled this blue sweater out of the bag for her, she said, "Oh, I was just about to mention that I have no warm clothes for this cold weather!" Of course we didn't know this beforehand, but God knew. And sometimes there are a few other surprises in store...

A few days ago Nat Zook, one of the members on our missionary team, returned from a brief furlough with a team of visitors (Jortosh Ministries) from Canada. Everyone here is happy when visitors arrive! And tomorrow Dwight and Domingo, the mission's driver, will go to Beira to pick up the visiting team from Prairie. We've been gearing up for this for quite some time and things have fallen in to place quite nicely. The recently purchased van arrived just a few days ago (sorry, no photo yet), we found a trailer to borrow from some very kind neighbours, the camp is set up and ready...and last but not least, the schedule of visits is in place. The teams will visit schools, clinics, homes, churches, etc. We know many interesting times will be had by all in the next few weeks!

As you can imagine, we're going to be pretty busy for a few weeks. If time doesn't allow and this blog spot seems to have been forgotten by its author, you will know it's just temporarily being set on the back burner. But as soon as I can, I'll be posting pictures and more stories of how things are going here in the African bush!


Russell said...

Ooops, I totally forgot about mommy's blog!

G + G trek are here in Edmonton now. The video tapes arrived yesterday and I am furiously working on the footage.

Keep up the blogging mom :D

your prodigal son (hah),


Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn! Hope your ready for us! recieved the news at the AGM last night that the board has accepted us to we are now officially SAMM missionaries... cant wait to get out there and join you! God Bless! love Rick and Heather

shandra3 said...

Hi Lynn,
I'm so glad you have a blog! I'm Shandra, Mom of Alicia Anderson who is one of the Prairie girls you have visiting. It's great to have this connection with where she is and what she and the team are doing! My boys (ages 8 & 10) are thrilled to learn more about the people and culture of the area. The pictures are wonderful.
May your ministry and your family be blessed by the Lord.
Shandra Wiebe

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures on your blog sis. Just got back from Edmonton today, had a great time with your kids, they are just the best kids ever!!

Luv, your sis

Rita said...

Hi - my name is Rita Holte and my daughter, Delta, and one of my best friends, Candy, is in the group from Prairie. I am avidly checking your blog everyday for news about the group since there is no other way to get news of how everything is going.

I have found it interesting to learn about your work and to see the pictures of the people you serve. I will be praying for the Lord's blessing to be upon your work.
Rita Holte

Mom... said...

Hi Lynn... Just a quick note to let you know that we are still kicking! :p We are having a great time with Luke and we already have found him a job. we don't want him to forget how to work or to get lazy and fat either!!!! :D Ruth and Royden arrived last night and we had about a 3 hour visit today and it was good as ever. hashing over family things and how they could be rosolved. We are all gonna go out Sunday night for dinner to celebrate Royden's birthday, their upcoming anniversary and Pat's birthday... And OUR anniversary! I know you are busy busy busy... trying to get some rest... We had a wonderful time at the kids in Edmonton, and they loosen right up and we have a root. We are so noisy and I wouldn't be surprised if G. and G. L... kick us out some time... :p I found a pound of shortening in your fridge and Amanda didn't know what to do with it... So, I baked a hipe of pies for them. I wanted to teach Amanda so me cocking but we just didn't get time. That's it for now... Good Bye... Mom.