Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Days Are Just Packed

…or unpacked again as it would seem! This is not another picture of our new yard just after the move, although it does resemble it. One of our tasks this past week was to repack our shipping container so we could fit more stuff inside! Yes, the stuff from our month-ago move sitting in our yard. We decided that since the container needed to be emptied, we would also move it to a better location not too far away. We did it bush-style with lots of improvisation. The main thing is, it got to where we wanted it to be!

This presented me with the opportunity to rifle through boxes of goods I’d packed away over 2 years ago. There were important items in that container that I really needed to find, like extra cutlery, kitchen utensils and bedding to kit out the campsite for the short term team from Prairie Bible College in Alberta that’s due to arrive. Pretty much all our earthly possessions were in that container, and one look at some of them made me wonder why we’d kept them for so long! Some items, on the other hand, were precious for the memories they held. Items like well used toys, old birthday cards, music tapes and of course, photographs. The photos drew the most attention from the guys working on the container. They wanted to know who was who in my photos, what they do for a living, and by the way, could they also have a copy so they can show their kids at home?

With the container now nestled into its new place I hope to finish repacking it by the weekend. Busy times indeed!

News update:

The pregnant woman bitten by a crocodile gave birth last week to a baby boy. Baby seems to be fine and mother is doing better.

In about a week’s time we will welcome a group of nursing students from Prairie Bible College. They are coming to visit the mission for just over 2 weeks and will be participating in health teaching in grade schools and ladies classes, participating in home visits in the communities, conducting a variety of check-up services at the health post, etc. But mostly they’ll be involved in the best part, an intercultural exchange with some of the world’s most wonderful people. We know this trip with broaden their perspectives and touch their hearts. If you come, you cannot leave here unchanged. And that’s a good thing. So to them right now, I wish “Happy Packing” and good travels.’

Well, it’s well past missionary midnight, 9p.m., so I better “pack” it in for now. The one good thing about activity-packed days is that night sleeps usually are better.

These two agree that the end of the day is the best part!


Anonymous said...

Yikes if I had to go thru that to move I'd never move!! By the way two dogs was a sleepover or did you get another dog? Looking forward to spending some time with your kids next week :) Did mom tell you yet that we've pretty much decided to postpone our Africa trip until April 2009? Probably works better for all of us, for me with my impending surgery & union contract renewal in March of next year (we're afraid there are going to be some major changes store wise) plus my office mates retirement which puts me in the position of head office girl which means trainig someone for my position. Anyway will e-mail soon with details.

Love you
us'ns at The Dog Patch

Anonymous said...

HI! I love those u-dates. I don't understand - I tho't we'd done a great job of repacking that storage container. Where did we go wrong? Busy you are indeed. Will see your parents next week at sam banquet. Understand you will be there on video - right? God bless you, keep you strong and healthy - and always serving HIM and Mozambique'ens -Love and prayers always, Amy