Sunday, June 10, 2007

Some Things That Bug Me

Now that the Prairie team is gone it's safe to post these photos! I was going to post these for Royden (my neice's husband) last month but then I thought, "Why scare the girls with these photos just before they come?!" So I saved them until now. Heh. Pictured above is a Stick Bug (very official name). And below is one of the many beetles we find here. I loved the polka dots.
This tarantula was in our old pool's filter. No water had run through the filter basket in a long time and this guy must have figured it was a GREAT place to live. Like a ready-made web. Real strong too! Dwight was provoking him with the end of a coat hanger here, so that gives you an idea of his size. As you can tell, he was quite ready for a fight!

Here's lookin' at you too Mr. Praying Mantis. We get lots of these visiting us inside every summer.

Another thing that bugged me a few days ago was the poisonous Twig snake I nearly stepped on (what was he doing on the ground anyway?!). I was merrily walking down a path, minding my own business when a "stick" in front of me moved. He headed up a tree about as quickly as I stepped back. Raimundo tried to kill him (since he was very close to the house) while Mushu went berserk at the prospect of a great hunt that I was holding him from! Some prey are best left alone Mushu.

Tomorrow we plan to leave on a 2+ week trip to South Africa. There is quite a bit of business to tend to, but we're hoping to squeeze in some R&R too! TTYL


W said...

To tell youthe truth...I am not sure if I feel better now after the fact! I actually saw all of the bugs in your pictures. The twig snake thing definately doesn't make me feel any better. You probably saw it on one of those paths that we walked down frequently to and from you the DARK! Nope it definaltely doesn't make me feel better!


Anonymous said...

oh sure..dont scare the prairie girls..but me you have no problem freaking out! lol- guess id better see what im getting into now rather than later. it was nice to talk to dwight this am, we will email you our land line number!
God bless,
Rick and Heather

Royden Lepp said...

Nice bugs! Looks just like my mantis!

salena said...

hey at lease you all get some sort of warning, either after the fact or before. i have been here almost two months and Lynn hasn't warned me at ALL about the bugs. just left me to find them on my own. i thought i had seen the worst of them already but apparently God has far too much time on His hands. i wonder how many twig snakes i stepped on and didn't even know it!

Anonymous said...

Lynn I like your bug pictures, the last one of the praying msntis is so cute!! How big are these twig snakes & how prevalent are they?? should you be walking around is boots :)

Your sis

Bob Guzak said...

Hi Lynn, It is so much fun to see the pictures and recognize the people and places in some cases. Please give everyone our love