Sunday, March 09, 2008

A change of season

I noticed on my calendar that “Daylight Saving” begins today in Canada. That means it's also near Easter time which to me signals the change of yet another season. The heavy rains that ushered in our summer and nearly washed us away in the process are now a thing of the past. Our rain quit fairly abruptly at some point in January and we’ve had very little since. According to CNN there is a cyclone in the Mozambique channel that threatens to douse us once again-- should mother nature decide to direct the system our way--but judging from the still weather outside, it’s almost hard to imagine!

Even though this is still officially our summer, there is a hint of fall in the air—not only because the rains seem to be gone for good, but also because our nights are cool enough to start thinking about using blankets once again. According to George who helps source and distribute supplies for the orphan program, this is the best time to buy blankets. It’s still warm enough that the masses aren’t out there shopping for them yet, so there is ample supply. We took his advice, seized the day and stocked our orphan homes with warm fuzzy blankets before the cold winter nights barge in uninvited! This is the youngest orphan boy (above) from one of the families who recently joined the program. It is probably quite accurate to say that this may be the first blanket he’s ever owned. Snuggling in a warm cuddly blanket on a cold winter night is certainly one of life’s finer moments.

Last week we were able to purchase school desks for the mission long last! Although I wasn’t there for the joyous event, Francois reports that the arrival of the long awaited desks were welcomed by squeals, peals of laughter and much rejoicing by the children. Thank you, thank you and thank you once again to those who participated in this Unique Christmas Gift item. We still need more, but the 40 we now have certainly have helped ease our “writer’s cramp” :) Other news:
Student nurses got stuck into their practicum this week by visiting health posts, making “hut” calls to those in need of help, and teaching health classes in the school, community groups and women’s classes. Next week promises to be just as busy with more of the same kinds of activities plus a few extras like a school/community immunization day thrown in for good measure. (Below: helping deliver food to a widow's home and delivering a lesson in preventive health through an interpreter.)

I have not witnessed as much homesickness and “cabin fever” (alias “bush fever” here) as I had expected considering these girls stepped right out of Canadian society and into this remote setting where there is little in the way of entertainment or luxury. There have been a few screams here and there over spiders in tents or beds, but that’s to be expected. And on that note, I’ll end. (Funny how the last paragraphs often have the bug stories—it’s not always planned that way, honest.)

To those of you in the Northern hemisphere: enjoy your lighter days. To those of us here in the heat: enjoy the cooler nights—at least for now.

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Russoft said...

School desks -- cool. I remember liking the fall, especially because the pool was the perfect temperature to swim.