Sunday, March 30, 2008

Looking Back

This was the nursing students’ last week with us in the Mucombeze bush and though they still have a few more days to go, they are in the final phase of their activities. While I spent a bit more time working close to home, they exercised a bit more independence, which is why I don’t have pictures of all that went on last week. They brought back very good reports of their participation with the Health Department’s immunization blitzes, community consultations with socorristas as well as exciting, interactive class times at the school.

They have been conducting a First Aid Course with 2 separate classes at different sites: the mission station and the mission school. They decided to combine the two classes at the mission school for the final day of the First Aid Course. The course participants came ready for their final exam and certificates and were delighted to find that the final exam took the form of a game instead. The group was split into two teams who competed against each other to answer questions covered in the course material. I was surprised by just how intense the competition was! The teams tied in the end, then enjoyed refreshments and receiving their certificates.

Having fun with newly learned skills (vapour inhalation for cough by the way :))

The certificates looked so good I wished I had received one too!

Here is the happy group: course instructors and proud certificate owners!

But the fun wasn’t over yet. We then had to pile the van to capacity for the trip home. First, some happily obliging people had to drink the left-over juice that was splashing out of the big pot over every bump (and believe me, there are many of those). Then the Canadians and Mozambicans took turns singing songs that were fun or close to their hearts...even national anthems all the way home! It was a heart warming time for everyone.

On Thursday night another group arrived from Polokwane, South Africa (coordinated by Francois & Alta), who will be here for +/- 5 days. The two groups have had a chance to participate in optional weekend activities together.

Oh, and let me not forget our video & birthday party night when everyone watched the Lion King and ate their fill of popcorn and chocolate cake. And, yes, sang to our hearts’ content.

Monday and Tuesday will be busy with orphan home visits to deliver food, final packing and farewells both for the USASK team and for us. We will drive the girls to Beira on Wednesday for their Thursday flight. Then we return home for last minute work wrap up before our trip to South Africa on Friday. From there we leave for Brazil on April 8th for 3 weeks to participate in the Brazilian mission’s (Mount Horeb’s) annual general meeting as well as giving input on further internal policy development. My parents (Earl and Ruth Trekofski) are already there busily working on things, so the added bonus will be some family time for us!

Next week’s blog will be decidedly different since we will be in transit between continents, but as always, I will do my best to keep you updated on the latest sights and events.

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Russoft said...

looks like everyone had a good time. So I guess you guys are already on the road? Have a safe trip!