Sunday, April 06, 2008

Saying good bye again

(Sunset at beach by Bique's, Beira, Moz.)

On Wednesday last week the nursing students from USASK said farewell to the mission staff, finished up some final packing and piled into the mission van with Dwight and I to head to Beira to the airport. I didn’t hear the singing I had predicted (a blog entry or two ago), so everyone was either tired or in a reflective mood—or both. They spent a great month with us on the mission and their departure was certainly not the highlight for anyone. But, it was time to move on nonetheless.
We went to Beira the day before their flight so they could have a bit of curio shopping time.
We found a nice place to stay that was a stone’s throw from the beach as well, so some beach time for them was a bonus. While they frolicked in the waves Dwight and I vegged (aka: napped) in our room. It’s an age thing I guess
Once we had said our goodbyes at the Beira airport, we headed home to pack for our own trip the following day (to South Africa then to Brazil). We had quite a bit of packing and organizing of things that will need follow-up in our absence, and not terribly much time to do it in! But we managed. Among other ongoing activities, the bricklayers will continue to put up walls at our house, follow-up immunization days were scheduled for the mission school children, and Unique Christmas gift distribution will take place as soon as the purchasing and transportation of the animals is complete. There really is never a dull moment!
We arrived at the Mercy Air base in Whiteriver on Friday and had a chance for some quality time with our Mercy Air family and other missionaries also on their way through from point A to point B. On Saturday morning we headed to Johannesburg where we’ll be until Tuesday when our flight for Brazil leaves. Today (Sunday) we’ve had a pleasantly quiet day and our plan is for more of that tomorrow as well. This is a picture of us at the breakfast table this morning. We were last one’s there :).

And here are a few little friends, Figaro (left) and Carmen, that we met while here. Figaro is rather strange looking with his crooked tail, ear that likes to flip backwards and pointy head which you can’t see that well in the picture. They’re very friendly and REALLY like us most when we’re eating. Hmm.
With that I’ll close for this time. Next blog entry: Brazil!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for picture of the Lagore couple who so faithfully serve.
Beautiful scene in the 1st one-
Amy & EB to

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

FINALLY! She finishes a blog post with cute animals id like to hug instead of creepy crawly ones!! There is hope!!!!

ruth said...

You guys sure are good lookin!! I'm jealous that you guys are all going to have fun without me in Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love and miss you! We'll be praying that you have a fun, fruitful and fabulous trip!

Carroll said...

Hello Sister in Him,
Our family has been in the mission field in Indonesia and are praying about an assignment in Maputo. If you would be willing to share info on conditions it would greatly help our family in direction.

Carroll in Indo

L. Lagore said...

Hi Carroll,

I would be glad to share info with you. Just email me at