Friday, November 21, 2008

Finishing the annual

It was uncharacteristically cool and rainy for the first part of this week. And although that may make some activities, like drying clothes, downright miserable it's good for other things like doing maintenance in a hangar--in that it's not blistering hot. Tim Huebner (above: left) and his wife, Barb, have been serving MAF in Angola for the last 3 months so they could well appreciate some cooler African temperatures. Tim is a Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineer who was willing to come to the east side of Africa to help us out with the Cessna 182's annual. It's been great getting to know Tim and Barb and learning a bit about the Portuguese African country on the west side of the continent! Both Mozambique and Angola were Portuguese colonies, so they share a lot of similarities.

No job is finished 'til the paperwork is done, and there's quite a bit of that when it comes to an aircraft's annual! (Photo taken in one of Mercy Air's offices)

By the end of the week, our weather had started to clear and we were thankful for that because besides needing to get some laundry done, we also wanted to do a day trip into Kruger Park with Tim and Barb. Thanks for being brave and posing for a photo under this Cape Buffalo head, Tim and Barb! (Click here to visit their blog.)

Every trip to Kruger is a unique experience. One of the funny events of the day was when we were mock-charged by little Dumbo here. If his behavior had raised any alarm in his mom, I would have been worried. It didn't, however, so we were quite safe to laugh and egg him on just a little by letting the car roll a few inches now and again.

Wasn't that scarey?! No? Okay then, try several mock charges by the one below... Bigger size = bigger scare factor.

Another funny baby was this baboon riding on his mom's back. At least he was okay with us looking at him and taking pictures. Actually, I think he was as intrigued with us as we were with him. Well, almost. 

Two large male Kudu's challenging each other to a fight (with a female in the background). Just about the time we had settled in to watch a grand performance, one of them wimped out. 

One of the big 5 we don't always see is a leopard, so we were very pleased when Tim spotted this one. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful animal of them all.

Here a Legavaan, or monitor lizard, rests on a secure foundation. 

And in closing, here's a picture of another firm foundation being laid: a home for one of the orphan families. A widow with disabilities who looks after 3 children lives in this little shack (to the right), but because of recent gifts earmarked for orphan home housing, she will soon have a much better home.We're thankful for the Lord's provision and the compassion of His people which helps relieve suffering and brings hope and joy! 


Heather & Rick said...

Lynn.. as always you pictures are amazing! I love the elephants and that leopard is incredible!

Penny said...

Hi Lynn!

I've been enjoying your recent posts and as always your wonderful photos. I've decided to teach on Mozambique toward the end of December and I can't wait to show the kids your bug pics!!

On another note I was wondering if you would email me your address so that I can mail you something? My email address is lifeandlovelearningcenter(at)yahoo(dot)com

Thanks so much,

Amanda said...

baby elephant!! so cute! I like the leopard too!

Robert Guzak said...

Great pictures Dwight. Especially of the leopard. It all brings back fond memories of our trip to Kruger. Keep the photos coming. It is great to be kept up to date with the goings on on the blog.

The Nelson's Dog Patch said...

Hmmm.... Lynn you'll have to let Bob G know that you're the taking all those wonderful photos & not Dwight :) I LOVED the baby elephant charging pics, soooo cute, the bigger one wasn't quite as cute!
love you

Russoft said...

Awesome pictures mom!

ruth said...

uh..jpg magazine the baby elephant! How cute is that?! Royden's been talking about that leopard pic for days...