Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mug 'n Bean, a restaurant chain in South Africa, was running a promotion called "who made your day?" last week and participants were invited to identify someone special who had made their day. We were pleasantly surprised when Tim and Barb left and gave us this mug, some chocolates and a kind note saying that we had made their day. We had felt they had made ours by coming so far to help get the cessna's annual done. That got me thinking about who had made my day and the thought has stuck with me all week. The possibilities are almost endless. It's like counting one's blessings. It is counting one's blessings!

After about 3 weeks in South Africa, we were finally able to finish up all our business and get packed up to head back home. We had lots of stuff to try to fit in the plane but since planes can only take so much weight, everything had to be carefully weighed. This is the scale in Mercy Air's office and those few bags weighed 14.6 kg. (What an arbitrary bit of info to have memorized...wish I could remember more important numbers that well.) Ann's dogs were very excited by the activity so I decided to get a picture of them but I couldn't have if she hadn't helped them settle down a bit.
While we're at it, here's a shot of Ann holding the fort down at Mercy Air's usually very busy office. Mercy Air has "made" so many of our days that we've lost count.

Loading the plane. 

Stuff, stuff and more stuff, and this was just one of several loads brought from the house to the plane! These boxes are full of study books for church leaders. They were heavy, so some had to stay behind and will be picked up on another trip.

Under Toby's watchful eye. His ever-present question is not "who made your day?" but, "is it walk time yet?" Not that he cares so much for walking, per se, because if we do go for a walk he bounces around for just awhile before bounding off at full speed across the fields to hunt monkeys in the bush nearby. 

Once loaded, we head for Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport to clear customs and immigration and get fuel. I prefer take-off's to landings because they seem more fool-proof to me. I've never experience a bad landing, but even so, at times I'll close my eyes while we squeak onto the runway.  


Above: out the front window. Below: out the back window. 

The cockpit. This is where Dwight does all the work and I read, study or nap.

Just after take-off. 
Arriving in Vilanculos where we clear Mozambique immigration and customs, and buy more fuel. It's right on the Indian Ocean so the view is always spectacular. This is a popular holiday resort area in Mozambique. From here, home is about an hour and a half away (as the crow flies).

The wind was whipping quite nicely when we landed. Unfortunately it was blowing right across the runway which doesn't make for an easy landing. I'm quite proud to say that I kept my eyes open for this one.

We're now home safe and sound, and it's time to shift into Mozambique-bush mode again. 

So, what made my day today? Well, today we visited the orphan home that I blogged about in my last post (the one getting its foundation done). We were amazed at the progress made by the builder (far left) in our absence. This home boasts 3 bedrooms and a huge veranda. Compared to the rickety shack (behind Dwight) that the orphan family is currently living in, and compared to every other place in the vicinity, this is an absolute palace! 

And if that's a palace, then this is the Prince Charming who will soon be moving in. 
He really is very charming. And chattery.  And happy. His bright little personality and that nice house helped make my day :)


Lark and Brittany said...

Oh Lynn, I remember that boy... He still steals my heart every time I look at Mozambique photos. Great to see that he'll have a new home! Miss you and love you lots Lynn (and Dwight),

Russoft said...

More cool pictures mom. I have nothing else intelligent to say.