Saturday, December 26, 2009

Novelties and Gifts

Since we are in relax mode now that Christmas Day is over, I’ll just give you a quick recap of our week. It was marked by novelties, busyness and, not surprisingly, the giving and receiving of gifts.

Novelty #1: Darth Vader type helmet in Mozambican bush

This photo speaks largely for itself. My cousin Murray, who motorbiked his way back here from South Africa last week, shows some of the guys his motorbike and helmet. Clearly, the bikes and helmets they’ve seen locally are not quite like this!

Novelty #2: Skype

Mateus, one of our sponsored students, gets to chat on skype to his sponsor in Canada. Carey (left) set things up so a bit of Mozambique-Canada chat could take place. I think Dwight and I were about as impressed by the live conversation capability as Mateus was.

Novelty #3: Puff Adder in the yard

We discovered this little guy hanging out by our back door just after turkey dinner last night. He was very cute when he huffed and puffed (hence the name), but he’s also poisonous. It was quite the commotion as we all gathered around to take photos of him. From a safe spot, of course.

And then, some gifts. There were many kinds of gifts this week--both those that were wrapped and set under the tree and actions that were done.

I was very grateful when Carey and Keren helped me out and did a splendid job, I might add, of decorating my Christmas tree. It was one of those jobs last week that I found neither the time nor the gumption to tackle.

Murray and Dwight worked on finishing the kitchen island counter top. It's beautiful and I can’t wait 'til it's ready to use.

Here I am, checking on my Christmas baking (well, ok, I paused to take a photo too). The reflection in the oven glass tells the story of my unfinished, rather chaotic home in the background! It was made even more chaotic by bringing in armloads of items long since stored in our shipping container, like Tupperware, baking pans and platters that I needed for preparing and serving a Christmas meal or two! I’m looking forward to a bit of a change of pace while the mission staff have the next week off. They’ll use the time to tend to their fields at home, and I’m hoping to get a bit of uninterrupted work done.

Anyway, let me sign off by mentioning just one last special gift we got this week:

A photo from Canada of our kids. ☺

Blessings on you all as you enjoy this special time.

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ruth said...

Boy we've got great genes!!! Happy boxing day ;)