Friday, January 01, 2010

Resolutions and moments

I remember how awestruck I was when I first learned what New Years Eve was all about. The idea that one year was gone forever and a brand new one was about to begin fascinated me. I sat practically on the edge of my seat waiting for midnight. And when it came, it seemed appropriate that firecrackers went off, people toasted and hugged each other, etc. It also seemed the right occasion to make resolutions—major commitments that were just so difficult to do at any other time. As if starting a difficult task on a certain date somehow made it easier to tackle than at another time.

That was then. And even though New Year’s Eve is still a time when I enjoy looking back at what has been and looking forward to what could or may be, that sheer awesomeness of the moment has faded quite a bit. Now, I find I’d rather be peacefully asleep in my bed than wide awake when the clock strikes midnight. Yes, we say farewell to the old year and stand expectantly on the brink of a new one, but is that really just cause to ruin a perfectly good night’s sleep?? It’s really just about moments, one after the other one, right? And even though I believe that New Year’s resolutions are better than none at all, I’ve discovered that if I need to make a commitment to some sort of action, it’s best done, well, at the moment!

Now, just so you don’t think I’m a total New Year’s Eve bah-humbug, here’s a shot of our New Year’s Eve celebratory dinner table (artistic talent: Keren).

Done in one of my favorite themes: Guinea Fowl. Thanks Keren!

After dinner, when the clean up was all done, and we’d talked to any of our family who were online, and when my husband (who was sick with ?flu ?malaria that night) was tucked into bed and asleep, and since my mind wasn’t ready to switch off yet for the day anyway, and since it was nearing midnight, I decided to see the New Year in outside on our veranda. The moon was beautifully full. Apparently we had a “blue moon” that night which means the 2nd full moon in one month. The crickets chirped, I think the neighbour’s cow mooed once or twice, and guinea fowl squawked restlessly in the trees below our yard, near the river. Midnight came and went, and with it that awesome changeover from one year to the next, all in peaceful quiet in the African bush under the bright, silent moon. No fireworks, no bells tolling, no “woot’ing” or music.

So did I make any resolutions for 2010, anyway? Well, sort of. One was: “Get to bed and go to sleep as soon as possible.” The other, was: “Enjoy the moments. Seize the moments.”

I'll close with a few shots of the week:

We've had a fair share of health related calls this week, one was the first-ever delivery of a baby at the health post. The mom was trying to make it to the nearest hospital but local transport drivers refused to take her since they figured she was in advanced labor. The traditional birth attendants and Keren worked together to ensure a safe delivery.

Magnum waits to seize a few moments of play with Mushu. Mushu not so sure...

This is the friendly agama (dubbed George, by me, for no reason whatsoever) that hangs out in our yard. He's had a few lucky moments this week since he was caught first by Magnum, then by our cat. He was rescued unharmed. Here's hoping 2010 is a kinder year for him.

Best wishes for 2010!


ruth said...

A nagama? royden says. Cute baby -ruth says ;) Can Karen come to my house and help me host parties?

Patti said...

Love your comments about the New Year my sentiments exactly!! And as far as Muchu being hesitant to play with Magnum I don't blame him!! Not only is he very black & very big but did you notice how he's 'licking' his lips while trying to entice Muchu out from under the truck????

L. Lagore said...

Yep, an agama as far as I can figure. Not sure I'm ready to share Keren yet, lol.

Ruth Trekofski said...

Loved the Blog ... always lots of new exciting stuff, and Keren even got to deliver her first baby ... wow. No N.Y's. resolutions for us, too old for that!