Monday, January 24, 2011

Long Way Home

It's two full days of driving for us to get home. It's not our favorite trip in the whole world because it's long, the road has some very bad patches, and sometimes other vehicles (animals, pedestrians, etc.) do crazy things! It is a scenic trip though, and that goes a long way to making the trip more enjoyable.

Somewhere around half the way home, we cross the Rio Save. (In my mind it's the halfway point anyway, whether it really is or not. To me, once we've crossed the Rio Save, we're on the homeward stretch).

Save River facing west (inland)

It seems that no matter where you live in the world, recently you've either had tons of snow or tons of rain. Here where it's hot, we've had the latter :)

Save River facing east, where it empties into the Indian Ocean

We've seen this river fuller than this in flood years, but this is pretty engorged. Flood warnings have been issued for Mozambique and we're only half way through our rainy season, so we wait to see what will unfold still in the month(s) to come. As I write this, the rain pours down outside with thunder that threatens to shake the very foundations of our house :o

While in South Africa last week, Dwight came down with malaria/the flu. His recovery hasn't been very brisk so with the long trip and busy times ahead, we stopped for a few days to catch our breath. Our stop coincided with full moon which gave me some splendid moments of trying to capture it with my camera. I took over 100 sky shots on this trip--no word of a lie.

Moonrise with man on beach

Moonrise next evening

Then, it was time to carry on with our trip. Another long day, and when we were about 2-3 hours from home we came over a hill to discover traffic lined up for several kilometers. There had been an accident and a big truck had jack-knifed right across the highway cutting off the flow of traffic in either direction. Thankfully, smaller vehicles like ours could sniggle their way through the wreckage. Otherwise a long trip home would have been a lot longer.

"It's safer and a whole lot quicker in a plane."
(One of Dwight's ready comments whenever we face the dangers of ground travel here.
And I agree.)

The sun and sky were doing some fabulous things on the horizon on the way home so I tried to capture it through the car window. Arg...

A few more tries...

Whatever. My ready comment to my fly-by shots was: "A serious photographer would have stopped the vehicle, got out, trudged through the field, climbed up the power pole and got the shot..."

But it didn't matter that much right then. We were nearly home afterall.

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