Sunday, January 30, 2011

When It Rains A Lot

1. Things collapse. Oops.

While we were gone last week our carport decided to buckle under the weight of the heavy rains. But we can’t blame its collapse entirely on the rain. Termites also had a hand in its undoing.

(Main support pole eaten by termites.)

Termites will eat everything out from under you that you hold dear if you aren’t careful!

The bridge we depend on to get to the mission school and one of the health posts collapsed under recent heavy rainfall as well. Thankfully through a cooperative effort by the mission and others who use the bridge, it has been rebuilt. I’ll post photos of it soon.

2. Seasonal, dry riverbeds fill with water.

Sluggish rivers turns into white water rapids.

And riverbanks flood into places they shouldn' our garden.

This is where veggies and fruit for school and orphan feeding programs is grown. As you can see, it is currently under water. Our irrigation pump usually rests on a rock below the end of that pipe.

3. Moss and strange mushrooms thrive.

(These are just plain creepy.)

4. Pesky rodents thrive too and get creative in their nest building.

Mariano and I were sorting through a box of used clothing for babies the other day and I came across this curious sight.

A mouse (or something similar) had eaten its way through the bottom of the baby bottle then set about pulling the sweater through the open top to make a nice, soft nest for its young. I was a bit apprehensive about what else I may come across (Mommy mouse, Daddy mouse, and wee little pink "mouses") as we pulled the remaining items out of the box.

But that was it. No further messes or “mouses” at all. They must have moved. Very considerate of them, wouldn’t you say? ☺

5. Boredom Sets In

While it was raining hard the other day, a certain someone had the great idea to oust the cat from the couch then jump up there himself to bunt the pillows.

One day I’ll have to dedicate an entire blog post to “10 Fun Things To Do If You’re A Bored Klipspringer”. All I need is a few more photos of him up to his antics.

Other youngsters got bored too.

Due to rain, we cancelled this Friday’s lesson and game-time at the mission for orphans in our program. Usually we go pick them up at their homes where they live with a granny or relative. But this week, the rain was just too much.

Half way through Friday afternoon, I heard squeals of delight and the cheers of children playing games. A bit later, Mariano brought some of them to the house to see me.

“Even though the program was cancelled, these kids wanted to come anyway to have some fun. They walked all the way here. They’re finished playing now but wanted to come see you because these two have tummy aches, those two have headaches, and this one lost his appetite (for vegetables).” He said.

The kids stood smiling at me, still breathing hard from all their running.

After a short chat, a quick look-over, fever checks, head pats and some dishing out of chewable Tylenol (parecetamol) and Flinstone vitamins, they were ready to leave for home again. We were all smiling.

(Joao joins in the interaction.)

Sometimes, bad weather is no fun. But sometimes it brings good things our way ☺

PS: This week, we celebrated Andy's arrival to join our team! Click here to check his blog for his first impressions.

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