Sunday, February 06, 2011

Ready? Set?

“Say Che-e-e-e-e-ese”

Ok, ham it up just a bit too if need be, especially if you just sat through an AGM (annual general meeting) that lasted several hours!

But that wasn't the only "ready, set...che-e-ese" time this week. This next photo doesn't begin to do justice to everyone's work in preparing their respective department's reports and budgets for the AGM. But this is the culmination of those efforts as Joao, Dwight and I put the reports into binders.

One of the great things about annual reports and a budget is that it very neatly lays out on a page where we were a year ago, where we are now, and where we want to be a year from now.

I love a good report. Especially looking back and seeing what was done, because that's what helps us get set for the next step(s) that lay ahead.

In other news, orphan kids are still busy getting ready for the new school year. One of the joys of going back to school is getting brand spanking new backpacks and school supplies.

“Che-e-e-e-e-se everyone!”


Tito, the little one, smiling big as always!

Ah, caught someone else hamming it up, I see. Love it :)

I had to make a trip to the school and one of the health posts last week. On my way there, I came across a tree that had fallen straight across the road. I stopped and got out so I could calculate my chances of squeezing past, beneath it. I decided to take a photo and for the sake of perspective, put my first aid kit on the branch. No hamming it up in this photo.

A bit further down the road, I came across the new bridge (photo as promised last week)

That was built to replace this one...oops.

Thankfully, I made it safe and sound to my destination with the health class supplies and medicine kit. I also checked on progress at the health post. Here, Gabriel and Marco are hard at work hanging doors. Too busy to ham it up, I guess :)

And I'll end this post with someone else who was also too busy to ham it up. Too busy eating pages of reports anywhere he could find them, that is!

I guess he loves a good report too.

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