Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not In Kansas Anymore

Or rather, not in Africa anymore. I'm in Canada on a short, personal trip. And although the weather has been far from warm and inviting--our family has been.

It's quite a shock to the system to go from a muggy, +30-ish C African summer to a -30-ish C land of cold, snow, and ice! This is more or less how the progression looked:

Green Chimoio Airport.

Sunny and hot Beira Airport.
(Figures we'd have to walk 1/2 km to the aircraft!)

That's the mission's little Cessna to the right :)

Grey, chilly Heathrow. (web photo)

White, Edmonton Airport. (web photo and I think this is
actually Halifax, but you get the idea...)

Meanwhile back home in Moz the pace is very busy as usual. I'm very grateful to my husband and Barb Wayner who took the time to take and forward the following photos for me to post:

Dwight, and Pastor Tome (school cook) on a visit to the mission school/clinic.

Progress being made on training center trusses.

Here, the thatched camp dining "gazebo" (lapa) gets the last section of its floor coated in nice, red wax. This will make it look better and make it easier to clean.

Good thing because the mission was visited by some local VIP's like the Comandante

And the new Chefe do Posto.
All very important relationships to have.

This is a recent photo of little Cris with his Auntie (below). He's been in our milk program since he lost his mom.

He was teeny, tiny at the time. Here he is with Nurse Keren when he first joined the milk program.

This is him several months later during a home village visit.

This is his sleepy face :)

Cris with his Auntie and Health Worker Celestino

This is his bright-eyed, "big boy" look. Too cute!

We've had a sudden increase in the number of needy babies in the program this year, and we and the concerned families have been so thankful that help could be offered.

Young mother who received help for her malnourished child.

Moving along here...another orphaned wild baby was added to our strange pet mix. She's a baby Red Duiker.
Dwight was the one who picked her up, but somewhere along the way she found her way into the Wayners' arms, hearts, and home.

Ron Wayner and his new pet :)

Guess she figured since that worked so well with the Wayners, why not try her luck with the big-black-horse-dog Magnum next door?

Yeah little Red're not "in Kansas" anymore either!

Read the latest news in our newsletter, and in blog posts from Dwight, Rick, and Andy.

Until next time.

(If you're interested in donating to the milk program, click here.)


Sharon Guzak nee Clark said...

Would you REALY want to be in Kansas, Lynn? Way too tame for what you're accustomed to! God has used you in such a huge way to bless the people in Moz. (Not to mention all of us you have inspired around the globe!) There are sure to be many jewels in the crown you lay at Jesus' feet!
I got a giggle out of the account of the Dyker. Not your average house pet, but then the dog/horse was pretty impressive, too!
It is both sad yet heartening to see the little ones in your milk program. I don't know whether to cry or smile when I read about them. But I'll keep on praying.
I'm glad you take the time from your busy schedule to do this blog, Lynn. it always puts things into perspective for me (and keeps me on my spiritual toes in prayer!
Blessings, Sharon

Sharon Guzak nee Clark said...

Love your blog, Lynn. it stirs up all kinds of different emotions and reactions in me. I'll keep on praying and I know God will keep on blessing!
Sharon :D

Keren Louise said...

Oh, Cris is so handsome! Wish I could be there to kiss that chubby little face!