Monday, March 28, 2011

To move the job along

...a song, is usually what's needed. But can I add that some muscle and a fair bit of effort may be required as well?!

This was a week of hard work for the guys as the logs which were cut and hauled last week had to be put across the bridge (which apparently is 5-ish meters wide rather than my stated "3-4 meters"). Now, these are no ordinary logs. They're huge and very heavy, and there's little in the way of machinery out where we are. (A backhoe is on its way but it's still somewhere on the deep blue ocean between America and Africa.) So how do you move and lift 2000-3000 lbs of log and set them in a precise spot without machinery? Well, you definitely need more than a song!

And in our case, this plan means the well-thought-out use of sheer muscle force and a simple hoist. Oh, and don't forget to add to that temperatures of over 30 Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) plus 80% humidity. Perfect recipe for exhaustion :)

First, the logs are skinned and notched.

And then there's lots of heave-ho,

and manoeuvring to get the logs "just so".

And there's the hoisting, too.

"Are you sure the hoist will lift this log?"
"It will, but we need to get it under the tripod so we can lift it straight up."

So on go the chains, and more heaving...

After 5 days of team work--TA DA! The two main support logs bridge the river's gap.

Now the other logs will roll onto these and be turned into the right position. Still not an easy task but one that is a little less heavy, and dangerous, thankfully.

So, where does this bridge go to? The landing strip (which is needed to facilitate the air transport necessary to touch many needs in remote areas of this wonderful country)!

Here are pictures of yet another big job that moved along last week. Many men, ropes, poles, and muscles were needed to place trusses on the training center walls.

Woot! Looking good!

And last, and probably also least (because of its size anyway), came the job of moving this suitcase of donated gifts and clothing along to children in Mozambique. It may not be as big an effort as construction is, but getting these items to Africa has been tough due to many airlines' new luggage restrictions. Thankfully, visitors on their way from Fort McMurray to Moz are willing to take this job on.

I trust there's more song than sweat involved here!

So long little suitcase.


PS: Be sure to check Rick's last blog entry.


ruth said...

Makes me think of the Egyptians building those pyramids!

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